Mercury News Interview of Sheriff Candidates

This is the closest thing you’re going to get to a debate.  Well worth the watch.  Our incumbent tries every trick in the book  to convince the Merc to endorse her – from “I’ve been bullied” to “they’re calling me names” to “he’s a radical conservative” — but again, no substance and even less truth.

She starts to really fall apart about 42 minutes into the interview. Sweating, blurting out unsubstantiated claims about Kevin Jensen’s wife and a last ditch effort to turn the argument to non-relevant issues like abortion and gay marriage as if Kevin would refuse to uphold the law?

To the Merc’s credit, their usual cowardice took hold and they best protected themselves, choosing to endorsed no one.  I guess one step better than rubber stamping the incumbent.  It was almost like Puxatawny Phil, they stuck their head out just long enough to see if their shadow would scare them.

watch the 1 hour video here

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6 thoughts on “Mercury News Interview of Sheriff Candidates

  1. No matter which side of the fence you’re on in this race, watching parts of this should make you cringe. Comparing discipline reviews / punishment with other Agencies and showing “how tough she is” would NOT be the way I would try and sell my leadership to the biggest news source in your city / the public. That’s just me though. I’m just another paper pusher. The other problem I have with her using this example is that I would bet she had no idea who had been punished / reprimanded in 2012 or 2013. The only people she knows about getting in trouble are the ones she is keeping OUT of trouble. Those are the ones she cares about.

    On a side note, is she using a Trapper Keeper? Old school touch. Still doesn’t hide the alligator tears.

    I just hope the public is seeing all of this soon enough, before it’s too late for change.


  2. The interviewed showed the true side of Laurie Smith; deceptive, misleading, uninformed, and a cry baby when she doesn’t get her way. What she failed to disclose about the Sierra Lamer investigation, is she did invite the FBI, the NCRIC, and the DAs office in the beginning of the investigation only to kick the group out shortly thereafter because she was afraid of losing control and not getting full recognition should the case be solved. She also mentioned how successful she is in administrating the Medical Examiner’s office but failed to disclose that on October 12, 2012 County Executive Dr Smith sent an memorandum to the Sheriff advising her of a formal 30-day notice of the termination of the MOU between the County Executive and the Sheriff regarding the operation of the Medical Examiner-Corner Department. Once again, Laurie had pissed off the County Executive and he moved forward to terminate her contract. Laurie had to shoulder tap her buddies on the Board of Supervisors who in favor forced the County Executive to negotiate a new contract with her. I once had someone tell me that you can’t fix crazy- time to face the reality Laurie that you are the most ineffective manager who is hated by all your piers so now is the time to retire.


  3. After watching the video it is interesting that when the Mercury News Editorial staff asked the hard questions the incumbent never answered.

    Did anyone else notice the absolute look of shock when asked about foreclosures of properties and no response. What is the truth?


  4. I found this video to be very well done on Kevin Jensen’s side and felt he did a superb job when the other candidate started to rag on him about his wife staying home with the kids. BULLY to Julie I say!!! Bully!!!

    To ask about issues that are NOT issues related to being a Sheriff are ridiculous. Why did she not speak about the known issues of the cases correctly and how the department is suffering from mistrust (hers), hostile working relationships, uninformed staff and under appreciated employees. Really the SO is only understaffed by 25 deputies and 40 Corrections Deputies??? What happens when she goes to 5/8’s??? Then how short will the department be??

    Does the Sheriff REALLY believe what she said about people picking on her??? She was the one who called the Correctional Deputies and Officers and Deputies “Keystone Kops”!!! Really that is what is UNPROFESSIONAL!!!!

    I was very disappointed that the actual Sheriff of Santa Clara County began to cry!! UNBELIEVABLE because she is in the highest leadership position in the law enforcement field. It is a mark of what has been done and where we as voters MUST go!!! Covering her face with those green folders (where did they come from anyway?)

    Even the people behind the camera knew she was being a bully just like on Channel 11 Investigative Reports in regards to Aldon Smith.

    Time to hang it up and RETIRE as you spoke of Sheriff because people do not have respect for you in your position any longer. Enjoy your retirement Please!


  5. The SJ Mercury News did not endorse Kevin yet thankfully they did not endorse the sheriff. Hopefully tomorrow’s newspaper will have the same exact article that the San Jose Mercury News has online…”We wish Laurie Smith had decided to retire after 16 years as Santa Clara County Sheriff” speaks volumes! Verses, “Kevin Jensen does not inspire confidence that he could handle a highly political job.” With recent headlines not being highly political may very well be a good thing, think of Leland Yee (SF) and George Shirakawa (SCCo BofS).


  6. I don’t think the merc would ever endorse Jensen. They would endorse laurie but man…..she did so bad and nobody there was even calling her names.

    She was evasive in answering a couple of questions she clearly didn’t want to answer. She was doing what she was accusing the Jensen camp of doing, “casting stones.” But hey, she’s great at making sure deputies are held to answer for any wrongdoing. I could only imagine her in a real debate in front of the real public…what a mess.

    She is not a leader!


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