It Has to be Intentional

It’s not surprising, not to me anyway, that the “Santa Clara County Public Safety Alliance”, has come out for the sheriff.  We told you we were watching for this.  We also told you we were going to be watching for something else related to this.

It’s yet another fake attempt to garner some public safety support by our incumbent and her friends.

As some remember, the Public Safety Alliance actually has NO KNOWN ALLIANCE with public safety other than being in the current sheriff’s pocket. As you can see from the documents attached to the prior posts, it is run by the president of her Sheriff’s Advisory Board and apparent real estate co-invester, James Campagna and an attorney friend of hers, Chris Schumb (both have Star1 tickets to ride and full control over who does and doesn’t get on the sheriff’s range to play).  The best part, the known spokesperson for the campaign is *drum roll please* Rich Robinson, the sheriff’s campaign manager.  Isn’t that illegal?!

You can catch up on all games here and their shenanigans here to see the above information as it’s documented by various sources.

So after you read that and see that this organization has lied about their location on years worth of filings, missed filings, AND been reported to the state for failing to file and pay their fees….what they just did shouldn’t surprise you in the least.

This group has 48 hours, just like the DSA/CPOA PAC to file any major expenditures.  Over the weekend, a campaign ad run under this groups name, for the sheriff.  However checking with the county today, they have yet again failed to file their documents.  Did they get an ad created and air time from Comcast for free?  I doubt it.

It’s really not worth filing an FPPC complaint at this point.  The county (FPPC and Mr. Rosen’s DA Office) has made it clear, if they won’t go after the incumbent sheriff for failing to properly deal with $9800 collected for a run-off campaign that never happened, they’re certainly not about to investigate her rich friends, are they?  I have to say, Mr. Rosen may be my next target for corruption after we deal with the incumbent sheriff, knowing what I know about what’s been happening in his office.  It’s enough to make me nauseous having supported his campaign in the past.

But I have to ask you, when a group files papers for years using a non-existent address, refuses to file on time repeatedly, refuses to pay fines, why are they still allowed to remain a viable PAC to blatantly violate the laws once again for the incumbent sheriff?  Why has no one bothered to investigate them for what is becoming obvious and intentional violations of the law?

These are our sheriff’s friends.  Just like her other friends, they’re dirty.

It’s time for change.  Vote Kevin Jensen for Sheriff