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4 thoughts on “Find Us

  1. Hi Raquel

    I use to also work for the County of Santa Clara Sheriff department. I experienced much harassment and retaliation after sustaining a work related injury. I’m still fighting my workers comp case even after being awarded social security for my injuries. The Sheriff department refused to accommodate me in any way and eventually fired me in July 2013. I fill like I cant get any help. They constantly stalk me. My teenage daughter is even having nightmares about them stalking us. I feel so helpless because every time I complained they retaliated back at me and no one would do anything about it. I can truly relate to what you went through. It is a cold and evil place. I have thought about killing myself as well multiple times. But they aren’t worth it. Their all going to Hell.


    • Please let people know that Benjamin Law Group, P.C. is moving full speed with litigation on behalf of female guards that have been sexually harassed, discriminated against, and retaliated against. We welcome everyone, male and female, with verifiable evidence of how women have been treated, and how management has ignored complaints and facilitated and/or allowed retaliation. People can email us at This is the time to come forward and make that change! We have them on the ropes and we need to prevail!!!!

      (415) 633-8833 is the office line. We need people willing to tell their truth, and stand firm in faith and conviction!

      Benjamin Law Group, P.C.
      Na’il Benjamin
      Ann Kariuki
      Jessica Shavers


  2. Dear Casey Thomas,

    First, I would like to introduce myself as Rocky Roberts, formerly known as Deputy Raquel Roberts Badge 1879. I was hired in 2001 as a Deputy Sheriff just starting the Academy at Gavilan College (SB-53). I arrived to work at 0800 hours on January 14, 2001 reporting to 55 W. Younger Ave in San Jose not knowing I was just about to start my worst nightmare.

    As I walked through the doors of Headquarters, I was dressed in my Academy Blues told I was going to joining the academy orientation that day. The door was shut in my face and I was told that there was not enough room in that academy class and I was to report to the holding cells at The Hall of Justice on Hedding Avenue where I would be assigned until the next academy started.

    I worked the holding cell facilities for approximately 4 months until my academy started in May 2001. I ran with the best of them and just doing what I was told with no questions asked-I knew then this career I was embarking upon was a man’s world and I just live in it-so I chose to just deal with it.

    To sum up the academy, I had a training officer named Danny Rodriguez of whom I hated with a passion. T.O. Rodriguez was a hypocritical jerk that spoke poorly of his own wife who worked for The Sheriiff’s Office. The academy was damn hard with my 18 month baby girl at home…no family assistance..and my Husband Deputy David Roberts working nights. Rodriguez rode me hard and was unethical to say the least. Rodriguez was friends with Hank Doughton-remember for later.

    I graduated the academy with a big smile on my face knowing I worked damn hard for every point on that badge. I was assigned to The Court Division under Judge Alfonso Fernandez-I worked there for almost two years. During that time, Henry “Hank” Doughton decide to sexually harass me to the point of leaving bruises on my arms because he couldn’t keep his hands off me. The whole situation came to a head when Hank cornered me and told me he had a crush on me and didn’t know what to do-during a ride in the elevator. Of course, my court staff assisted me with the situation and I reported it to my immediate supervisor. Doughton was removed immediately from the Court Division as he had multiple other cases with other females going on-as to why he got transferred to courts in the first place.

    A couple months go by and Doughton goes through a “Skelly” hearing where I was present and of course it was awful and he took no blame…long story short..Doughton got his job back and shortly thereafter overdosed on meds and alcohol eventually committing suicide.

    Well, I was transferred to the West Valley Patrol Division where all of Doughton’s friend and SERT team member buddies worked. Comments, bullying, and the ostracization started. I was left on calls for service by myself..and I feared what everyone thought of me because of my involvement with the Doughton case even though he had serious mental/physical issues.

    Anyhow, I was working under Captain John Hirokawa when I first arrived within the division. Everything was great…I even took his personal Nanny on a ride along with me of which she had a great time and I evangelized The Sheriff’s Office. John was still distant and non social.

    Coincidentally, someone had used my sign on to surf pornographic sites throughout he internet leaving me as the suspect. However, I was off duty when the behavior was committed so I was off the hook but it was the continual harassment that was perpetuating. I requested a transfer back to The Courts Division for “family reasons” because that is what John Hirokawa told me to do.

    About a year later, Lieutenant Terry Calderon was promoted to Captain of The West Valley Patrol Division. I put in for a transfer to go back out to patrol and sure enough I was chosen to go to the Westside under the direction of Terry Calderone. Everything went great…of course a few bumps in the road here and there..but I was an exemplary employee with stellar reviews.

    Then, Terry started in with the sexual harassment-neck rubs in the gym, telling me that my shirt was too tight around my chest. comments about wife swapping with my husband because he was unhappily married. At one point, I had his daughter over to my house for dinner at his request to assist her with Fitness Training as I was The Physical Training Director at our Police Academy.

    For years, I didn’t say anything…I just wen along with the sexual harassment and played along like one of the guys. However, when my health started to take a negative turn, I had to put the brakes on. I had a collateral duty of teaching at the academy per Sheriff Laurie Smith-she chose me at the inception of the academy. I taught for a total of five solid years-I won “Most Inspirational Instructor” twice and taught various Learning Domains in addition to my regular patrol responsibilities.

    In 2009, all of the harassment came to a head when I had a miscarriage with our second child while I was running the Oakland P.D. recruits up the Anderson Damn for our daily training. That was my “AHA Moment”…I was tired of having to deal with the bullying and harassment any longer.

    I was asked to be placed back in the Court Division due to the harassment of Captain Terry Calderon. I was then placed at The Terraine Street Courthouse. Of course, rumors and gossip spread like wildfire…the men and women were all talking…even though I had several women….civilian and non-civilian personnel come to me and advise me of their dealings ns harassment with Terry Calderone.

    The Sheriff Summoned me to her office at Headquarters to speak with me about the Calderone situation and my thoughts. I told Sheriff Smith to her face about al of the sexual harassment and constant stress that he places me and other female co-workers under on a daily basis. Sheriff Smith looked me right in my face and told me not to leave as I was currently pursuing my Master’s Degree in Business because sooner or later I would have to leave the toxic environment. Sheriff Smith told me she would take care of it and nto to worry and made me promise not to leave.

    Well…shortly after that incident, my husband, Sergeant David Roberts was working under Captain Pete Rode at Headquarters Patrol. Captain rode started having conversations with David surrounding Terry Calderone where Rode told David that “Terry is an idiot” don’t worry Dave. Well, it did not stop there …they had a meeting with Commander Lindley Zink and decide they were going to transfer David to Courts for “Personal Reasons” in addition to a number of different reasons. Therefore, David was transferred to the Court Division in January of 2009-we knew it was all political and unethical. All because my husband stood up for me and filed a sexual harassment complaint against Terry Calderone-of which they did not file because we were told “You know how this place works.” Captain Pete Rode threatened to write David up for menial and senseless things in order to validate his transfer-all of which were not verified-no record to this day of any write ups for Sergeant David Roberts.

    Inevitably, I tested for Sergeant and did not make it-shocking. I was one of the best qualified within the pool of participants. The only reason I took the exam is because Sheriff Smith told me to apply with a wink. I still got ostracized.

    During this whole time, I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and my Master’s Degree of Business Administration (MBA)…simply because I had an epiphany that I was going to leave eventually and I needed an arsenal of knowledge and the tools to back it up to start my new life.

    I had to deal with multiple personnel issues with inept Deputies who were tainted by rumors and gossip…I was running the holding cell facility at Terraine Street and all the inmates and court staff loved me except for the Deputies who had a vengeance and believed the incessant pandemonium of rumors and gossip. A female Deputy who I will refrain from naming started some ridiculous drama with me simply because she wanted my job. This Deputy did not know how to talk with inmates…had a major attitude problem and fought daily with male and female inmates within the holding cell facility. She pulled me aside one morning with another female Deputy-one of which I trained at the Academy!!! She decided to tell me that she knows “how I am” and that she was going to change facilities because she didn’t like the way I joked around and spoke with the inmates. Well, she had an Internal Affairs complaint pending due to an illegal search of a female inmate-that is not my fault. Never in the tenure of my employment at The Sheriff’s Office did I ever have a complaint or write up.

    I asked to be transferred to the South County Court facility where I could for once work near home and be away from the nonsense…well..that lasted one week and they transferred me back to Terraine Street where the Sergeant was unable to handle the situation and yes..the female Deputy was running the holding cell..once my job.

    The day came where I almost ended my life on July 12, 2010, I was assigned to a courtroom and then the childish games began where they did not answer my calls, bring my inmates, and they decide to ignore all of my radio traffic.

    I had an anxiety attack at approximately 1100 hours and I felt like it was a heart attack. I ran out of the courtroom into the ladies locker room..took my gun out of my holster and comtemplated suicide. I cried and asked for help…a female Deputy poked her head in the area and left me there to fend for myself. I then called Lieutenant Douglas Havig and advised him of my situation. He never arrived…NO ONE arrived..I walked out to my personal vehicle and sat in the back with my own gun in my hand while dealing with an anxiety attack.

    I drove away and The Sheriff’s Office has been in my rearview mirror ever since. Three lawyers, four years of “he said, she said” conversations occurred, anti-depressants, and other meds to control the PTSD were administered by my psychologist and my treating Physician. The Santa Clara County threw out the QME’s evaluation of me due to my lawyer not calling work comp first-which she did but no one ever responded for weeks at a time. I finally compromised in August of 2013 to a settlement with The County of Santa Clara simply because I was going to lose due to lack of evidence. Sheriff Smith never reached out to me and always asked David about my welfare-what does she care?

    Eventually, on my own…I re-ignited my sales career in the high tech industry in 2011. Through all of the depositions and statements…the County Counsel’s office wanted to interview my current co-workers and supervisors. That is where I drew the line…I was one stood behind me!! Sheriff Laurie Smith is a woman and did not stand behind me and never kept her word.

    Additionally, since I left…my husband David Roberts who worked within the Detective Bureau and now in The West Valley patrol Division-ironically has dealt with a vast amount of ridicule and harassment. Sheriff Smith accused David of being Casey Thomas!! This accusation comes after David was the lead investigator on the Aldon Smith case-I won’t get into that-but we all know how that went down.

    Four years later…a lost child…problems within my problems…and a waste of almost ten good years of my life in a career that was toxic led by a selfish and vindictive individual..I have started my new life as a Sales Professional in the Silicon Valley all on my own because that is the person I am-strong, loyal, dedicated, and driven to succeed. Sheriff Smith retired Captain Terry Calderone out on a six figure pension with no discipline among others that needed discipline-but were somehow kept a secret and given a choice to leave.

    I have dealt with a multitude of issues emotionally and physically…but I came out on top because I knew someday I would sing like a bird and tell my story.

    Kevin Jensen stood by me the entire way and never left my side. Because I did not gain any closure when I “compromised” with the county…my closure would be for Kevin to become the next Santa Clara County Sheriff..and for people to believe that discrimination and harassment in the workplace should no be tolerated or ignored-it ruins lives and it almost took mine simply due to a selfish individual who only cares for her image and not the good of her employees or the people of Santa Clara County. Hence, the multiple investigations the have been ruined by her executive decisions (DeAnza Rape Case, Sierra LaMar, and the Aldon Smith Case).

    Thank you for taking the time to read and live this with me..look for my book late 2014 or Spring 2015….


    Raquel “Rocky” Roberts
    Retired Deputy Sheriff-Santa Clara County


    • Please let people know that Benjamin Law Group, P.C. is moving full speed with litigation on behalf of female guards that have been sexually harassed, discriminated against, and retaliated against. We welcome everyone, male and female, with verifiable evidence of how women have been treated, and how management has ignored complaints and facilitated and/or allowed retaliation. People can email us at This is the time to come forward and make that change! We have them on the ropes and we need to prevail!!!!

      (415) 633-8833 is the office line. We need people willing to tell their truth, and stand firm in faith and conviction!

      Benjamin Law Group, P.C.
      Na’il Benjamin
      Ann Kariuki
      Jessica Shavers


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