About Our Cause

Our cause on Casey Thomas’ World is to bring to light the many public safety failures that the current Sheriff’s Office Administration is creating.

After nearly a decade as an assistant Sheriff and 16 years as the Sheriff, Laurie Smith is bereft of new ideas, entrenched in political pandering, and involved with to many questionable associations.

While the majority of the people in the unincorporated county voted for a new sheriff on June 3, 2014, the vote was overwhelmed by the votes from cities like San Jose, who was made promises by mayoral candidate David Cortese and the incumbent candidate at that time, Sheriff Laurie Smith, to “supplement” the deteriorating SJPD response to the public.  This was done without discussion with relative San Jose components to such an agreement and without concern that the sheriff’s office is currently down approximately 100 positions in the enforcement side alone.

While we made a concerted effort to bring information to the public as often as possible during the election, keeping up that pace at this time is not feasible.

We will continue to bring you issues from within the office that could affect your public safety.  Failures to train, to respond, to appropriately investigate as well as any concerted efforts that we find that are designed to continue to demean, degrade and harm the morale and effectiveness of our deputies.

The election is over, but the problems remain.  With the same 16 years of stagnation and willful neglect in charge, we don’t find that this is the time to stop letting the public know about continuing failures.  The deputies, and we hope the public, will continue to demand better.


2 thoughts on “About Our Cause

  1. without this oversight committee ability to fire a corrupt guard, without the oversight committee being able to cancel the guards contracts, the murders will continue! David Rios was killed – murdered also in M4D cell 7 back on Friday 13, November 2015! David Rios was murdered, begged for medical help 6 times, and in the morning, dead! Nobody fired, no charges.. even the corrupt DA Jeffrey Rosen knows about the murder by neglect and is part of the problem.Rosen is “top cop” of santa clara county, how can this cop – police the rest. Independent oversight committee, prosecutors and judges are the only solution. This county is corrupt and needs a house cleaning.


  2. If you look at Sharath Sury’s Linkedin profile…he changed it to S. Michael Sury. His middle name was never Michael…it was Manda. A person who changes his name mid-life is a person who has something to hide. FRAUD!


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