The DSA Responds to Accusations by Incumbent

Dear DSA Members and Retired Members,


     Since July of 2013 we have seen Laurie Smith and her campaign disrespect and insult both the DSA and it’s members several times.


     She started off by sending us a threatening letter while we started the process of considering the Sheriff endorsement.  It was clear attempt to try and intimidate the membership.


     When we announced our endorsement of Kevin Jensen, Smith’s campaign responded by calling us all Keystone Kops while at the same time saying we are the best in the County.  Smith’s ability to say both these at the same time shows the lack of thought and sincerity in her words.


     Just yesterday Sheriff Smith was quoted in the Morgan Hill Times(*) saying, “There is a disgruntled group at the top of the DSA and they have been demoted and disciplined.”


     In a campaign video authorized by Smith it claims, “Disgruntled workers hijacked the Deputies’ Union.” In the same video Smith infers the DSA and 18 other law enforcement associations are not respectable because they have not endorsed her.  Why would anyone endorse a political incumbent who bullies, threatens, and intimidates their employees?


     Under Smith’s tenancy, personnel information has either been shared or “leaked” several times.  It is no surprise we are seeing these old, illegal, tactics again.


     Smith is either ignoring or conveniently forgetting the publicly announced fact 90% of the DSA membership voted to endorse Kevin Jensen.  She also ignores the fact this decision occurred in July of 2013 when Dennis Moser was President of the DSA.  That decision was reinforced when you, the membership overwhelmingly voted to financially support the effort to help elect Kevin Jensen into office.


     With each passing day our decision to support Kevin Jensen grows more and more clear as Sheriff Smith attacks each and every one of us.  All the while refusing to address the real reason this election is taking place.  The DSA, the CPOA, retired police chiefs, retired police executives, Crime Victims United of California, Marc Klaas, Fugitive Watch, and many others have all come forward and said change is needed.


     The DSA continues to call for Sheriff Smith to engage the public, engage the issues, and really answer questions instead of using distractions.


     I for one am truly insulted by the most recent allegations made by Smith.  As a woman who has dealt with the Sheriff and her administration for many years I demand an apology for her lies in the most recent videos.  Her tactics are just further evidence of how out of touch she is, not only with the men and women working at the Sheriff’s Office, but also the public.


     Accordingly, the DSA and I ask you do everything you can this election to get the word out that Kevin Jensen is the only Sheriff right for Santa Clara County.


    Nancy Csabanyi

    DSA Sergeant’s Rep

(*) denotes subscription required


3 thoughts on “The DSA Responds to Accusations by Incumbent

  1. 16 years is enough. Sgt. Csabanyi tells it like it is. Everyone has reached a breaking point. It’s time for new leadership, not politics and someone who WANTS the department to be the top law enforcement agency in Santa Clara County. Kevin is full of good ideas, intelligent, looks good in uniform and has worked with these people. He knows first hand the wrath of Sheriff Laurie Smith. It’s time for change, it’s time for Kevin Jensen.


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