Laurie Smith and Kevin Jensen Mercury News Interview/Debate

A lot of people seem to be looking for this today. I wanted to make sure that people who are interested, have the opportunity to compare the candidates in the only side by side interview given due to Laurie Smith’s refusing to appear for at least 3 separate debates.



3 thoughts on “Laurie Smith and Kevin Jensen Mercury News Interview/Debate

  1. Casey, well done. Your hard work and dedication in brining forth the truth have been appreciated by myself and the other 100,000 hits. Thanks for getting the word out about the issues facing the Sheriff’s Office and how change is needed. My hope Is the voters also see the problems Deputies face with little or no support from those on the 4th floor. The next Sheriff of Santa Clara County Kevin Jensen.


  2. Thank you for everything you’ve done to help Kevin Casey! My paws are crossed for him today!

    GET OUT AND VOTE FOR KEVIN TODAY!!! He needs our support! THANK YOU!


    • Kathleen, you’re welcome and thank you right back. It’s taken every one of us to get here; they really never thought we would get this far. Now it’s the last move for the win!



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