Our Representation, Our Safety

guest editorial by Sean Allen
I have given the CPOA ample time to address several issues that I’ve personally complained about! Things I’ve said in private to Board members, in squad meetings and on paper. What I want those people to realize that all friendship’s aside, you the board are responsible for maintaining our rights… in regards to contracts, past practices, policies enforcement, retaliation, civil rights violations (To include harassment and discrimination)… and most of all “Fighting for a safe environment” for us and not letting the “County/Department” allow Law Suits filed by Inmate lawyers to be the only voice that impacts multiple groups of people.   Fact: If you’re applying lawful pressure on our employers in regards to safety/staffing as well as the other things noted above, it will not only help facilitate the inmates needs but improve the staffing and education of all those affected by what’s going on now.
But my honest observation of what’s going on now, it is sure failure! What I can point out is board members are collecting a salary, “Stipends”, going on trips to San Diego and Las Vegas while the rest of us are being threatened with discipline through Mandatory Overtime that’s being forced upon us in VIOLATION of the very policies they threatened to discipline us with!
So who’s robbing who??
Let me be completely open. There are groups of people who have approached me because they want to take legal actions against the CPOA as well as individual Board members. You might think that position is rude or unjust, however, this is just a message to everyone of you who are not living up to their fiduciary duties.
If you think it’s ok to allow the department to overwork employees (from making them work for free in the academy, purposefully causing fatigue by sending the cadets home with assignments that cause them to get little to no sleep during the first week of the academy, work overtime when they have not been completely trained, giving training officer’s multiple trainees therefore giving the trainees less access to appropriate training, having people work 6 days a week that have 1-3 hours commutes in either direction, allowing academy training officers select people they deem problematic and give out physical abuse during “Red Man”, allowing more program time during immediate proximity to critical incidents, failing to give advanced training when switching badges (to which you can attribute events such as someone telling a murderer to turn themselves in elsewhere) and lastly (for now), putting employees in these situation listed above allowing them little to no outlet or access to normal life. The CPOA, it’s board Members as well as the employer should be put on notice:
You may be liable and directly connected to these incidents and behaviors for your failure to act on our behalf as our leadership: fatigued employees getting “ambushed” and assaulted, employees watching television and not acknowledging supervisors because they are trying to stay awake, monies owed to employees for violation of the “Federal Labor Standard Act”, aggressive/edgy badge staff who unlawfully assault/beat or cause the death of an inmate as a direct result of the training they may or may not have received or worse, they witnessed as previously committed by their superiors, fall asleep while driving on or off duty causing injury or death to another person or persons including themselves – another behavior that should be attributed to training from the academy, fatigue employees taking prisoners out of the jail without the appropriate restraints as well as fatigued employees taking firearms on the decks?
These incidents are a few of many that originate from training or a lack thereof, a lack of accountability (because the people at the bottom don’t make those decisions that cause change within a decaying organization) and more importantly an organization that is silent or complicit regarding these negatives!
You can attribute these things to: promotions, management, contracted felon input, not listening to organizations that were hired to report on our conditions, a biased “Training Coordinator” and a union who hasn’t taken a position and has made no effort to impact change!
So, the big question is who has reaped rewards? Who knew about the behavior of at least one of those that is on trial for an inmates death but failed to take the appropriate action which might have help to prevent the incident itself?
The answer in the near future…
Word of advice to our Union leadership! If this message angers you, think about those you represent when you are not fighting for a thing you’re suppose to but you continue to take our money!
And which ever of you decided to cut ties with our sister Union, the DSA, you did it to the detriment of all. I personally don’t care if they don’t like you or not, you serve to provide our membership, not your hurt feelings.
More to come from one that’s not afraid to speak out! Retaliation is anticipated and may result in another legal action, media interview and my favorite thing….. “PICKETING”!
Typos.. probably… iPhone voice text and I are not perfect!
Sean Allen, Rep

2 thoughts on “Our Representation, Our Safety

    • If I’m a liar why are you hiding? Funny… it seems that the things I’ve brought to light have not been dis-proven. If I’ve lied then have me disciplined or sue me for slander. Don’t hide behind fictitious email accounts.

      I’m predicting you will remain empty just like the statement’s you’ve made. I’ve experienced many ghost writers during my career. Most have motives like you. Trust me when I say this…. I stand in front of my statements… not behind them as you are… be safe “Scared”. It’s a tough career and there aren’t many “True” A type personalities… 🙂


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