Sheriff Laurie Smith, Sen. Jerry Hill and Their Empty Promises for Votes

As I have so many times before, I’m left sitting here asking myself, “Where’s the media for the follow up?” They show up like lapdogs when she whistles and holds one of her PR events to prove what a great job she’s doing. You never see them do the follow up story to see if she actually did the job she said she would do. More often than not, she doesn’t do what she said, but who would ever know. And she knows it and she uses it to her advantage all the time.

I was talking with someone here the other day and the subject of the gun safes came up. I was curious, did anyone ever see one, receive one, how’d the policy on them end up shaking out? I was laughingly told that the 750 gun safes the Sheriff’s Advisory Board purchased may or may not exist. There’s a debate apparently, did the SAB get scammed and buy 750 bricks that are sitting somewhere unused or was this just a scam where their overly ethical ranks allowed their name to be used? The deputies certainly haven’t seen them. They were told at one point they “had some, but were waiting for more to come in by the end of the month” but haven’t heard much of anything since. Some have mentioned to me that they have concerns about what their obligation is regarding county owned equipment in their personal vehicles, but I was told they’ve not heard anything about that either. I kind of laughed… the sheriff, and policy. I’ve been told that she and her command staff are still struggling over at the jails to remember that policy changes aren’t supposed to happen via memo or secret meeting despite all the alleged professional assistance the county has hired for them. Why would anyone think the safe situation would be any different?

One source did inform me that there were some safes distributed. When I asked who had received them, I was told they were installed in administrator’s cars. Of course they were. With so many notoriously incompetent administrators, probably the best place to start, right? They said they also believed that some of the vehicles in investigations had them installed. Just my guess, but probably Major Crimes because they get TVs to sit and watch all day, so their guns should be somewhere secure anyway. My source knew of no distribution to deputies for their “personal cars” as promised in the press conference; nothing has gone to the bulk of the “high risk” vehicles alleged by the Senator’s bill — the deputies going home every night

If you remember correctly, back in October the sheriff held a big event to tell everyone about the deputies each getting a safe for their personal cars in light of a recent law passed. She stood by Senator Gerry Hill, the author of the bill requiring these safes, and the two of them exchanged political pats on the back like they actually meant something.

The sheriff hauled out a few cars and some personnel to slap a few safes into some cars to help enhance the big show for the media. And they lapped it up. But not one of them has been back in more than four months to ask how those installations are going if they’ve successfully prevented any thefts. Not. One. Because the follow through doesn’t matter and Sheriff Laurie Smith knows it doesn’t matter.

Maybe someone in the media…silly me, let’s try again. People like you, the individual reading this, your family, your friends, your organizations, should reach out to Senator Jerry Hill (email and ask him how he feels about the lack of follow through by his political ally, Laurie Smith, on an event that he put his name on.

We the people need to stop with being the gullible public that allows politicians to put on empty performances so they can get our votes. It’s time to smarten up and let Smith and Hill know, empty performances will no longer get our votes.

PS – I do have one more story under my belt now that I want to post about, maybe later in the week or next week involving the sheriff’s promotions and how she may have committed an illegal act to artificially boost a payout as a political favor.

PPS – Yes I’ve been gone for some time. Yes I got all your notes, emails, messages, etc. Yes we’re only 16 months from the next election. No, I probably won’t get that involved in the next election unless something changes, I won’t go into what. If something changes, ya’ll will be the first to know.