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This one was too good to pass up, so I took a quick break from the Turkey roasting and thought I would just quickly share with you a good chuckle about how great our new Undersheriff Neusel and Ass. Sheriff Belliveau are doing in establishing policy and procedure in our jails. The sheriff seems to have made brilliant promotional choices here. The Board of Supervisors gets credit too on these smart decisions for appointing Undersheriff Neusel back in June. David Cortese, you really are doing great putting Sheriff Smith’s advice at the forefront of your jail decisions, keep up the good work.

You may or may not have heard yet that there are two threats to society on the loose this morning having escaped from Mail Jail last night according to the Mercury News.

Sgt. Richard Glennon says, “It wasn’t immediately clear what they used to saw through the steel bars on the window.” Let me be of assistance here, could it have been hacksaw blades that inmates were caught smuggling a few weeks back?

Here, let me help again here with a little common sense suggestion to the jail administrators — when your deputies find something like that, you don’t assume they didn’t already get some blades through the door, you don’t assume because someone was caught that there won’t be more coming it.  You search cells and you investigate to see if anyone else is involved. You know, the same philosophy you follow when you keep finding inmates with cell phones at Elmwood?  Oh wait… you don’t follow that philosophy regarding the phones at Elmwood, nevermind.

Anyway, I just want to congratulate the Undersheriff and Ass. Sheriff on doing such a great job to implement such great follow through policy. That concept that you can’t search a cell without explicit cause, just brilliant. You’re doing a great job reforming the jails!

Have a happy Turkey Day everybody!


2 thoughts on “Home for the Holidays

  1. Maybe all the consulting from that convicted felon is contributing to the problem and not helping? Seeing his Sheriff identification card which said “Special Investigator” and given him free reign in our offices and facility was just brilliant!! He doesn’t have to walk through our metal detector’s and has access like he’s badge staff??? What message does that send to the professional staff that work by our side everyday and to every badge that enters our jails??

    But I seem to recall our Sheriff being asked if it is the leaderships fault, meaning her fault that these failures have happened?? I believe her response was that it is “All of our faults” or something to that affect!

    I assure you that neither I nor anyone else on the line was part of the “Command Decisions” that have “Lead” is to this point!!!


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