If You’ll Look Over This Way, You’ll See…

So while Sheriff Laurie Smith does a “great job” diverting your attention with gun safes, the deputies response to the Los Altos Shooting, virtually anything she can throw at you, let me direct you back to what she’s not telling you. There are a number of items of interest here and I’m not even beginning to unearth all the issues that I could address at this time.

Our sheriff is still trying to bury the timeline and any questions about the welfare check shooting in Saratoga. Exigency seems non-existent and it’s been alleged to me that the victim’s wife, the report (according to inside sources), and what has been released to the media have some significant conflicts regarding what happened in the house. The worst part, I’m told that internal reports do not align with the office’s story released to the media. To be fair, I’ve not seen these reports. If we’re to be real, the sheriff has closed down this shooting awfully tight and given how eager she usually is to prove she’s some kind of saviour and her office did everything right.

I’m stunned the media moved on after less than 48 hours on this story. Someone’s dead guys, we have a sheriff who’s not giving any answers.  Hello?  As for the general public, we’ve got the usual response: It’s okay, my family knows I’m okay, I don’t care if the deputies are trained up on exigency, and welfare checks. Not my problem.

Haven’t seen this in the media anywhere. The Sheriff’s office as of Monday is unofficially out of the Medical Examiner’s office as management staff, a Captain and Lieutenant, were reassigned last Friday and in their new assignments as of Monday according to the information I received (shown below). Well now, wasn’t that was a quiet move after all the hubbub about WHY the sheriff was being removed — because she may have attempted to illegally interfere with death investigations for her political benefit. But I guess if it wasn’t your family member that died, you can vote for the sheriff in 2018 in good conscience, she’s doing a great job keeping kids in school, right? In all seriousness, our sheriff is being accused of doing exactly what protesters around the nation fear — corrupting evidence that may reflect poorly on her, her office, or her personnel — and the news media has barely said boo about it. Deputies and others have come forward about it, and they’re talking into a void.

Well, sorry to annoy everyone by belaboring the point  — next:

The email I received also exemplifies another issue: how the sheriff is scamming the staffing numbers by having people listed in two locations, with one being simply marked “on-loan”. How many people do we have “on-loan” and when will anyone demand an accurate accounting of how many coded positions do not have a body in? How many are assigned to contract and loaned elsewhere or vice versa? How do those managing the court contract feel about having an invisible body so the sheriff can shore up her P&T department at their expense? What are the actual staffing needs, because I don’t think the sheriff has an honest answer for anyone. But hey, it’s only public safety, right? Tax dollars.. she’s saving them, we don’t have to pay invisible people, right? Until we have one of these happen.


I was told there are approximately 200 inmates in our jails that have gone on a hunger strike as of Monday. I’ve been told a number of varied reasons, but it all comes down to the continued isolation practices of the sheriff (she had hinted at one point she had ended the practice), lack of appropriate access to programming, medical access, etc. due to poor management of staffing and claims the sheriff has done little to nothing to truly begin to resolve basic human rights issues that have been the cause of several lawsuits and the county’s poorly executed Blue Ribbon Commission that in a year’s time has amounted to little more than a lot of meetings where a lot of promises are made, complaint boxes, and a lot of media spin by Laurie Smith and her tax payer funded spin doctors.

No one seems to be mentioning the sheriff has had more than a month to try to address the issue of the hunger strike and has possibly instead chosen to spend her efforts on spin. Insiders informed me that the sheriff may be attempting to push the news to cover how great she is because she’s donating the unused food rather than address some of the very basic issues at hand – like commissary costs — haven’t been addressed in the 6 months since the end of the Blue Ribbon Commission.

What is ultimately mind boggling though is with all the problems the sheriff has overseen, this one has been in the public domain for over a month and there’s been zero coverage by our illustrious local media whom I now suspect couldn’t find a hole in the ground if they fell in it…or the sheriff threw them in it. Maybe they locked their professional curiosity in one of those gun vaults she lured them in with last week to distract them from questions about Saratoga. The inmates sent the sheriff a letter about the intended hunger strike that is the in the public domain, as are several other stories and releases that are easily found with a Google search.  It all makes that annoying phrase “do your research, google it” relevant all over again.

Laurie Smith’s office would be a national circus if this was any other office but the very politicians riding the backs of police reform have scattered like cockroaches when it comes to calling out the sheriff who seems to hold their leashes. I can’t even explain the media. Do none of you have any questions or concerns when a sheriff starts hiding information about a fatal shooting? How after all the effort and time put into starting the jail reforms process starting in September 2015 in October 2016 nothing of significance as really changed for the inmates? Anyone?

The unions are insulating themselves at this point, relying on law suits because the public couldn’t care less what happens and demands police should “cross the thin blue line” clearly is nothing more than a meaningless slogan at this point. Yeah, folks, I think you blew that chance of proving if only police would step forward things would change.  You chose to ignore them and to many heads have rolled to bother risking their careers for empty demands. Deputies have given up, heads down, many looking for other employment – I talked to someone in another agency recently and was told that at least 5 Santa Clara SO personnel are going through their hiring process. We can’t afford to lose even those 5, but don’t worry, on paper the sheriff will make it all look okay. That was one agency and not even a big one at that. I can only suppose the agencies looking for large hiring numbers like SFPD and ALCO, are seeing even more.

And the public — I have no idea what it will take to shake the public out of their combined myopic disinterest in what is happening and their adoration for a candidate simply because she’s female & pro-choice in a position where that position is completely moot. Watching San Jose, knowing they’re the largest likely voter block in the county, outvoting the county last election and giving us Laurie Smith for another 4 years, I’m guessing not much given the ravaged state of their own police agency.

Until next time, folks. I still have the video to process so it probably won’t be very long.