Sheriff Laurie Smith Finally Admits Own Bad Idea is Truly “Nonsensical”

I was just going to put this up on FB, but I decided to put it here. Mostly because much of the frustration I felt over this stunt came flooding back to me. It made me hope that perhaps we could share this with as many San Jose voters as possible, for whom we have to thank for out-voting the county and returning our “progressive”, yet seemingly deadly, sheriff to us for one more term. Probably mostly because of this stunt.

In case you needed anymore proof the Dave Cortese/Laurie Smith “strategy to save San Jose” was nothing more than a political stunt — the sheriff now calls such plans “unrealistic”. Actually, no, WJTV soft-shoed it in their report, more so in the video; she called picking up patrol shifts beyond currently provided support and mutual assistance a “nonsensical idea unworthy of any further attention” in her letter to the City Council. Ironic that we can infer from her choice of words she may now be mocking another elected official, Pierluigi Oliverio, who has supported her in the past, for much the same idea she and her political ally, Dave Cortese, offered just about 7 weeks before the last election, where she ran for a 5th term in office and Cortese ran for Mayor of San Jose.

I’m pretty sure that we called this idea  out as logistically unrealistic more than 2 years ago due to the SO’s own staffing issues (which are an even bigger issue today) when she proposed it. Chuck Reed called this out for the political stunt it was. Account it to a broken clock being right twice a day, or the belief that a grand architect of political stunts and games can smell a blatant stunt like this one from 100 miles away, but he was correct. Somehow we need to find some reality that slaps the San Jose voters into paying attention to the damage they’ve created in both SJPD and SCCSO. Friends don’t let friends cast willfully ignorant votes.

Oh and a little PS for this blog post: Be sure to stop by and congratulate our latest freshly minted Lieutenant, PIO James Jensen. He has successfully diverted the media away from the sheriff, weathered an IA for filing false work product that would have gotten most others fired, issued identifiable lies to the media, and will now have the honor of finally learning how to manage and lead. Yes, we now have yet another lieutenant with ZERO management experience and a fluid ethical standard. When it comes to those that protect the sheriff from herself, there are no barriers to their success.