Sheriff Laurie Smith Scrambling for Campaign Cash While She Still Can

The sheriff’s campaign season has officially started. She has started raising funds two years in advance of the actual day of the next sheriff’s election in 2018. That should make you uncomfortable.  The sheriff is officially intending to spend the next two years gathering cash to publicly crush those who will dare to speak out at her poor leadership rather than improve upon her poor leadership. She will set up façade after façade while she still can. She’s likely raking in the dough years early for a very good reason — if she can fill her coffers now in the event something falls apart for her down the road, she still has the money to fight against the public realizing how bad she really is. It’s amazing they haven’t already, but this indicates either people continue to be unaware, don’t care, or are buying favors.

Rumor is the sheriff may also be faced with more than one challenger. County insiders have indicated the Board of Supervisors is combing the field for their own candidate to back rather than the support the sheriff. If this is true (I’ve had two names dropped for potential candidates they’re considering) the sheriff may have a serious uphill battle to gather funding if she waits.

Despite example after example, people dying, people suing, her own deputies own suing for everything from wage theft to a hostile work environment where captains judge promotability on petty observations rather than substance.  Insiders still tell me that policies are still non-existent, those that she does create are still poorly implemented, the academy has become a failing effort that may actually be endangering the graduating cadets they send out on the street, that IA is still being used to silence the sheriff’s detractors.

Her start is good, she’s raked in $50,000 in just about a month. The interesting thing is it appears, just like last time, the sheriff is taking excessive donations, with several exceeding the $1000 cap and donating $2,000. One couple actually donates $1000 each, personally, and $2000 under the name of their company for a grand total of $4000! And I’ve only just begun to sort through this first filing of many more to come.  I did notice “Cap” and his wife together donation $1500, $1K from him $500 from her — I guess you have to make up for the embarrassing and costly emails somehow, eh?

I am currently unaware of any changes that allow the sheriff to take donations exceeding $1000. Perhaps there is something I’ve missed other than the ordinance I linked to up above. But if you remember the sheriff last time was taking donations in excess of the campaign limits, and the county suddenly was changing the law, so it was okay. Is there some behind the scene change to the ordinance this time that no one is aware of outside the circle of political friends? Again, I may just be missing some change in the law elsewhere. Even if there isn’t, no big deal right?  The county didn’t do anything to the sheriff for taking those advance over-the-limits donations last time, since they changed the law, and she knew they were doing it, it’s okay.  Kind of the same way insider trading is okay for congress, I guess.

But as always you can gain your own truth from what the sheriff is doing by looking at her filings. Our county will have a blessedly difficult time taking that away from us, even if they won’t deal with the sheriff’s questionably legal behaviors.

Consider this, this also gives you a list of businesses and restaurants to considering boycotting and asking friends and family to do the same. If they support Sheriff Laurie Smith, they are not supporting the deputies or their community. Why should they receive support in return? I’m considering keeping a running list of businesses that donate to the sheriff for this purpose if people are interested in letting me know their opinion on this, there is a poll at the very bottom of the page. To see the sheriff’s full campaign filing click on the image to load the PDF.

Click image to see the full report.
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Previous version of this article failed to include the contribution of business owner’s spouse and updated total donation for them and their corporation.


2 thoughts on “Sheriff Laurie Smith Scrambling for Campaign Cash While She Still Can

  1. As I sat in front of my tv after having to call the FBI in regards to my son calling me telling me that the guards killed a guy and he had to hear him scream for help while locked in his cell on the 6th floor of the county jail, I cringed when I saw her lying to Media about how she called the FBI to insure a thourough investigation I almost threw up. If she is capable of lying like that then why would anybody vote for her again. She is a disgrace to the justice system and a true scandalous snake. I hope she scrambles for campaign money like a true peasant. I will make sure I can inform as many people as I can about her tactics and pathetic ruling


  2. Friend of Facebook-✅
    Donate- ✅
    You promote.

    Bring in donors….your under sheriff.

    Perfect example…why read a book in order to prepare for a promotional exam. Just donate and have your entire family donate and you will be rewarded.


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