Response to “Real Talk”

I don’t do this often, but I found a message in my approval box this morning with a fake address and must respond. No way I was not responding to the bile in my messages this morning, but no way am I approving your hate-filled, grossly misinformed post and doing your dirty work by releasing that information. You want it out, do it yourself and pay the lawsuit.  Isn’t that what you always say — it’s cheaper to pay the lawsuit?  You are clearly either the sheriff or one of her very, very close confidants, your message does elicit that much truth. I must have hit a real nerve with my last post. Getting a little too obvious to see that you and your ship of fools should be forced to vacate the fourth floor? Ship of fools… oh dear what a fitting allegory that has become here.

So, let’s have a “real talk”, shall we?

1. I am not the DSA president, but your rabid hate for him and several others is well known by me and my bloggers. Your lashing out at various people has been well noted, and unfortunately you have always gotten it wrong.  You’ve not even gotten a warm guess as of yet regarding my identity. Now, given your message, you appear to be  actually attempting to harm someone for being me when they are not. Congratulations, that’ll surely come back and bite you on the ass. That and your incredible and probably illegal machinations against him and the DSA VP isn’t going to play out well for you if you can’t even keep yourself from sending me messages like that. I am guessing your inability to keep your mouth shut has gotten you in some hot water with the CPOA situation as well, which is probably why you’ve not announced that yourself. I’ve said what I have to say about that, I was very clear about my position. We know you’re trying to get the DSA back under your thumb. We know from sources  in the county they are trying to make friends in the county, and my news is they’ve had some success. The DSA of yore wouldn’t DARE, would they have? To many of them took your quid pro quo and in turn undermined their own members for you; these folks on the board now, they don’t do that, do they Sheriff? They’re all about taking care of their deputies and getting things done right, especially when you won’t, and that just drives you crazy. Someone doing the right thing for the deputies. Shame on them, right sheriff?

2. I will find a way to forward that little tidbit of a message to the DSA president because given its content, and date stamp, I have a sneaking suspicion that it will be fantastic evidence of just how vengeful and angry you are if he ever files suit against you and the county. I suspect your timing on this one was fantastic. Or maybe it’s wishful thinking on my part. Either way, it will be forwarded and I hope it’s useful somehow.

3. Yes, the deputies in our office are pretty damned fantastic. But the “very bad conditions” they’re facing with immediacy isn’t necessarily their public. They’re actually well liked in our public for the most part, and you should be grateful for that because they are the only reason you are in office today. Their professionalism, social skills, and commitment to their job and their community has protected the incompetence that lives in your house. You should thank every one of them every day for that as you pass them rather than giving them the grimace they usually get from you now if they’re so fortunate to bump into you during one of your rare appearances.

4.  The deputies are not the only ones who suffer your incompetence. You’ve managed the Medical Examiner’s office so poorly they’ve had 14 administrators in 8 years? I’ve said again and again your constant moving of management and supervisors creates poor quality and poor response.  Now the county has heard it from someone else, I hope they take it seriously. But it doesn’t stop there.  I hear the colleges are talking about pulling their contracts with you.  Maybe the VTA would be smart to take heed and seek their new contract elsewhere, or at least hold it until you and your crew is gone so it can be done right.

5.  Let me reiterate, you have fantastic deputies. That they won’t let you hide behind the anymore is a testament to that. That the thin blue line is not unbreakable for them when they feel you are endangering the public should be a point of pride. They are doing more to resolve the “very bad conditions” than you are.  Yet you continue to promote the worst of your people. With your latest promotions you are promoting terrible people.  People who are corrupt. Who may have committed illegal acts — we don’t know because you won’t conduct an investigation on them when it appears they may be taking bribes, or writes a report than one of them may have used excessive force during an arrest. You seek quid pro quo and you promote as a reward them when they do your bidding. When your latest promotions take affect, we will now have at least two people leading our deputies who other offices determined didn’t have the mettle to make it in law enforcement. You have a captain that has been allegedly arrested for prostitution even as you go on about your human trafficking task force, and then you allowed him to send out an agency wide email to intimidate people who were talking about it. You have another captain whom I’ve been told may have been released from another agency for cause. You have fantastic deputies and you promote people like this?  What do you think that says to all your great deputies every time you promote someone they know has a questionable history? Or one of your pets does something and there is no discipline? Shame on you for being so empty and shallow, you don’t really think all that much of your deputies unless they do something for you.  We know that.

6.  Do not pretend you respect law enforcement. Your PR use of the men and women who put themselves on the line has been on of the things about you have disliked the most about you. You don’t even stop at your deputies, any injured law enforcement personnel will serve your purposes. You use every opportunity of an injured officer as a PR event but you NEVER remember to tell your deputies to put on their mourning bands when an officer dies.  Your own deputy suffered an injury in a hit and run, they tracked down the offender through video and you wouldn’t allow them to charge her… it was an “accident.” Maybe hitting him was, but leaving him in the street and driving away is not. Yes, our deputies face “very bad conditions” because that is what you create for them.  You under train, under staff, under equip them and then stand on their backs every time you need good press. I can’t tell you how appalling it was for so many to watch you run to the hospital, press in tow, for a photo op in front of the hospital where two Fremont officer were shot, yet you will do nothing to protect your own. Stop using us to make yourself look good.

7. You have endangered your corrections officers endlessly and needlessly. You have done everything you can to hide the fact that so many of the issues at hand are because of you. You have walked them through the media using exactly those “very bad conditions” against them to protect yourself. You have done everything in your power to use your media friends to show how bad your people are.  You even drug the DoJ in under the premise of investigating “their culture”, what a surprise when they kicked back a report saying their culture existed because of your poor leadership, eh? Worse,  you have lobbied your handful of corrections minions to indoctrinate the newer people into believing all these problems and worse will come if corrections is taken away from you, just like before. DoC was actually fixing things when the county handed them over to you.  You’ve made it worse.  You’re the problem.  I wish they would have figured that out sooner.  Now, after being caught trying to influence an investigation by the blue ribbon commission, you’ve also possibly colluded with their new CPOA president who was on that commission in order to get corrections officers to look like exactly the stereotype the public is screaming about because it benefits you and your next election bid.  Your sudden concern for your staff facing the public outrage today is an amazing step forward. Pity it’s only a tool to try to make me feel guilty. I don’t feel guilty about pointing out how you hurt your own people and organization.

8. Which brings me to the last point. I also  don’t feel guilty because eventually there will be more problems despite all our efforts to stop you from causing more damage. Enforcement is falling apart. People are leaving and you are desperate to fill positions with the county finally applying a little pressure and you have been pushing some people through academy that should have been released.  You are creating a more and more dangerous situation and eventually it will collapse, probably on your deputies.  And this blog will be here when that happens, showing they did everything they could to try to reach the public to let them know you have been the greatest problem this office has known during their careers.  Perhaps it will lift a little of the suffering of whatever disaster is comes from a leader who reaches the point of desperation where they’re attacking their best people and promoting people who truly don’t deserve to wear the badge.

Whatever you intended that little message to be to me, you missed your mark.