And Another Jails Report from the Santa Clara Co Civil Grand Jury

A report from the Civil Grand Jury hit the media stating what everyone has said over and over — there is a massive systemic failure at the jails. The problem isn’t just “a few bad apples”, it is everything and every way the sheriff is running this jail.  And she recently put one of the biggest and longest standing failures of supervision in the jail into the new Assistant Sheriff position and has had him attached to her side like some kind of barrier to reality ever since.

When are we going to hear an explanation from the sheriff as to exactly how her facilities went from nationally recognized for their processes and creative and successful means to address shortfalls in 2009 and recognized for their medical staffing and practices to a complete top to bottom failure of systems, policies, training and staffing by 2015? How did she and the county supervisors  and the county executive all miss the drastic decline despite all the reports I’ve linked to over the past months between her take over and now indicating growing failures and recommending certain actions taken would have drastically negative impacts?

I am *tired* of the sheriff and the supervisors being hailed by themselves and the media as some kind of bloody heroes in finding and beginning to fix these problems. If any one of them had done their job AT ALL, this wouldn’t have had to happen. People didn’t have to die, but lives meant nothing to those, including the reporters at the Mercury News, who all joined in to Fat Robinson’s laugh fest at the deputies expense. What did he care, his life wasn’t being endangered by the sheriff’s poor performance. It’s a good thing the deputies have too much integrity and sorrow about the situation to look back at you and ask who’s laughing now. They still just want the sheriff out and the problems fixed. Vindication is meaningless in the face of unchanging disasters.  Another person died this week because of the poor medical decision making in the jails. Why do people keep making it to the hospital to late? Why?!

Sometimes I wonder why people, the supervisors, the citizens aren’t furious that the sheriff has lied to them, manipulated them, cost LIVES of people in our community with her negligent standards in policy, training and staffing.

We just keep plodding along ignoring that the people we put in as our watchdogs are still too afraid of this woman to speak out to demand she step down.  Or even tell you she’s a problem! Other communities do it and they do it for far less than texting scandals, deaths, possible murders, mismanagement, lack of integrity in disclosure to the public, potential interference with death investigations….the list goes on with the failures at hand.

Any one of those would have taken out a chief or deputy in any other community… hell, half of Ferguson’s city elected officials were taken out with a single shooting. The sheriff has failed to successfully address identified needs gaps after 2 shootings and no one even cares? She has no mass casualty plan — the hell with the shooting the ME’s office is worried about, we live in earthquake country folks. What’s her plan? Blame it all on “bad deputies who didn’t do their job?”  They have no water, no food, no fuel planning for a crisis. Bring that up and it falls on deaf ears, but the doc says there is no plan for her to deal with a mass shooting…. and some one almost listened — the sheriff is *still* in charge of the ME’s office.

Welcome to Santa Clara County, I used to think it was corrupt to the core, now I just think it’s run by truly self-involved, negligent people who just don’t really care at all what happens to those that put them in office.

That’s alright, the sheriff will respond to the report in 90 days as required, just like the ones before that showed security issues back in 2006/07 that still remain unaddressed as of today.  Some of what she writes this time may even happen for a little while, then it will all be over and everyone in their elected chairs can work at getting comfortable again.


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  1. How about a public records request for Smith’s emails a la Hilary? Are both untouchable due to their protected status? Both are black widows…


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