Birds of a Feather Flock Together

As we all know, ethics abound in the Sheriff’s circle of friends and political allies. We’ve seen the Chen’s indicted for a car theft/export scam, Ron Batistalla of the Sheriff’s Advisory Board was convicted of Grand Theft and Securities Fraud… the list of the sheriff’s felonious friends goes on and on and we’ve been sadly talking about it for years while the media and public ignores it. As we titled this… birds of a feather flock together?

Today we have a new group of people to add officially to the sheriff’s list of fraudulent friends. We’ve known about these people; we’ve been watching as multi-million dollar civil suits have been filed against them for several years now. Yesterday they lost a civil suit for more than $37M dollars with 11 out of 12 jurors siding with the insurance company claiming theft and fraud, hitting them with damages that exceed $37 MILLION. These centers have been charging excessive amounts, defrauding insurance companies in acts that ultimately increase rates for all of us.

It’s been indicated that the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office in San Jose are making inquiries in the case against these facilities. That’s never a good sign for the sheriff’s friends, it seems more often than not they come out on the wrong side of the law when it reaches this point.

Why is this group notable? Because when we were going through the sheriff’s election time donations from last election, we found that 6 facilities associated with the three owners that were sued had made donations to the sheriff’s campaign, all on the same day, for a total of $6000. It’s strange how the sheriff so frequently gets donations from people suddenly under the legal microscope; no, this is not the first time. We could make it the last if we put enough public pressure on the sheriff to leave office now in light of all her leadership and ethical failures.

We also remain curious if the FPPC is aware of this and how it would be considered, given the sheriff’s receipt of a warning letter regarding other FPPC violations and its mention of any future violations.

It seems that no matter where you look, the sheriff’s donors, her Sheriff’s Advisory Board, her top administrators in her office, even herself, there is an ongoing trend of failing ethics and criminal corruption.

All these donations were collected at the same event. An event hosted by the wife of one of the owners of the facilities in question at the now-closed restaurant she owned. Julia Hashimieh, her son Bobby Sarnevesht and Javad Zolfaghari own the surgical centers of concern here. The event these donations were collected at was held at Katsu Restaurant in Los Gatos, owned by Candice Sarnevesht, the wife of Bobby, the only person to make a donation under their name.  In total, the sheriff collected a least $7000 that we know of from 2 or 3 people submitted under different business names.

Bay area surgical group — $1000 – 5/29
Bay Area Surgical Group

Bay Area Surgical Management LLC — $1000 – 5/29
Bay Area Surgical Management

Knowles Surgery Center — $1000 – 5/29
Knowles Surger Center

Forest Surgery Center — $1000 – 5/29
Forest Surgery Center

Surgery Center — $1000 — 5/29
surgery center

Santa Clara Imaging Center – $1000 – 5/29
Santa Clara Imaging Center
Candice Sarnevesht


One thought on “Birds of a Feather Flock Together

  1. Casey Thomas you are doing a public service by bringing out this information. I’m certain this is only the beginning. I have no doubt there is much more to be learned about the Sheriff’s leadership and past practices.

    It is amazing to me that she has not yet been recalled or removed from office. If she was Chief of Police, she would have certainly been FIRED years ago.

    Still, with public input and action, I hope the pressure will continue so that some action is finally taken even if it causes her to QUIT.

    There are people who know, directly, the integral actions and misdeeds committed by the Sheriff. It is time for those to speak out.


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