Sign the Petition Demanding Santa Clara Sheriff be Removed from the Jail

updated 03/28/2015 15:37:00 : added email to contact BoS on the subject of the BRC results

We were alerted last night to the newest effort to engage people in taking back the credibility and integrity of the jails. Please sign the petition circulating that will go to the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors demanding that they take action on the Blue Ribbon Commission’s recommendation to remove Laurie Smith and her administration as the leadership of the jails using Measure A. Measure A was passed in 2012, giving the supervisors the ability to change management of the contract when needed.

It was an insult to the Blue Ribbon Commission, the deputies, the inmates, and every single voter when Cindy Chavez unilaterally decided that the recommendation wouldn’t even be considered before people even left the chamber for the last meeting. We elect a BOARD of Supervisors for a reason. This is not the Cindy Chavez show, as much as she would like it to be.

Voters should be appalled that there is such a response to the work of the Blue Ribbon Commission. Chavez’s actions dismiss the integrity of the formation of the commission as nothing more than political window dressing. They have wasted the time of the commission members, and squandered the trust of the voters if the board can allow such a unilateral, undiscussed decision to stand in such a manner.

I would also recommend, after signing the petition, that you reach out to your supervisor, as your local representative, and tell them how much of an insult this is to the job they were elected to do. It is irresponsible and unacceptable to hold 6 months of commission meetings and then without thought allow one supervisor to decide and tell the public what will and will not be considered by the board of supervisors.

Those of you not within the county, please still consider contacting the Supervisor(s) of your choice. While they don’t represent you as a voter, you may also somehow be impacted by this, e.g., if you work here, or if you or a loved one is ever held in the county jail. Let your opinion be known that the miscarriage of the process and the despotic-styled declaration before the final paperwork even hits a printer is intolerable.

Let our voices be heard! Silence is complicit agreement and endorsement of continuing this kind of local government. It is time to start cleaning house, the sheriff out of the jails and accountability for supervisors who put political showmanship to protect the sheriff above their responsible stewardship of the county and community needs.


Petition To Remove Sheriff Laurie Smith as the Head of Santa Clara County Jail

Contact the Board of Supervisors via email:

To reach the BoS, Kathleen kindly reminded me we should be using the below address. This will ensure that the BoS receives your email rather than get lost in the noise.
Click to


Contact your Supervisor  by phone:

District 1 – Mike Wasserman –

District 2 – Cindy Chavez –

District 3 – Dave Cortese –

District 4 – Ken Yeager –

District 5 – Joe Simitian –


5 thoughts on “Sign the Petition Demanding Santa Clara Sheriff be Removed from the Jail

  1. Thanks Casey! I’ve posted links to your blog post as well as the link to the petition on my NextDoor.Com group. The same group I shared several pro Kevin Jensen posts with during the elections. Just couldn’t resist saying “I told you so”!

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    • Thank you, Jeanne. Every reader, every signature helps. They may have supported her then, but hearts and minds are beginning to change. It’s no longer just the “keystone cops” speaking — the pile of evidence in front of them continues to grow.


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