DSA Seeks Investigation of Sheriff Laurie Smith

The following is a letter that was forwarded to me by a recipient. The DSA sent this out this afternoon to it’s membership. The DSA is seeking an investigation into the legality of the actions of the Sheriff.  Below I cut and paste the email, attached below are the emails evidencing the concerns and the letter from the DSA attorney to the County seeking an investigation. (PS – Don’t forget to sign the petition I posted about earlier today!)


Dear DSA Member,

    Today, the DSA Board requested a letter be sent to the County by our legal counsel, asking for an investigation into questionable actions by Sheriff Smith during her tenure on the Blue Ribbon Commission on Improving Jail Operations (BRC).

    The request comes as a result of information obtained from BRC documents showing Sheriff Smith may have used her Office and position to influence the BRC, shared confidential personnel records protected under POBAR with person(s) outside the Sheriff’s Office, and used the resources of the County for political campaigning as she seeks reelection in 2018.  The letter is attached for your review.  Below is a summary of the request.

County Counsel should instigate an impartial investigation of Judge Cordell’s allegations.  The investigation should, at a minimum, look into:

  1. Whether Sheriff Smith shared with Judge Cordell information pertaining to an ongoing Sheriff’s Office disciplinary investigation and whether she did so (a) to attempt to influence the Commission, and/or (b) for her own political benefit;

  2. Whether Sheriff Smith shared personnel information, including any peace officer records, with Judge Cordell;

  3. Whether Sheriff Smith was engaged in political activity for her own personal political benefit while performing her official county duties;

  4. Whether any county funds or other public resources (e.g., vehicle, county employee, county-paid consultants) were used for campaign activity or personal purposes contrary to law (see California Government Code section 8314);

  5. Whether Sheriff Smith was seeking to influence the Commission for her own political benefit;

  6. Whether the Sheriff’s membership on a Commission investigating her own department results in her simultaneously holding two public offices that are incompatible under Government Code section 1099.

We encourage you to read both letters.  Thank you for your diligence, your hard work, and service to the public during these challenging times.

    – DSA Board –

DSA Request for Investigation – letter from the DSA Attorney to the Santa Clara County seeking investigation into the legality of Sheriff Laurie Smith’s actions. The letter outlines the allegations and areas of concern.

Email Exchange Between Sheriff Laurie Smith and LaDoris Cordell – email exchange between sheriff and BRC chairperson evidencing allegations being made by DSA against Sheriff Laurie Smith.