Political Circus Theater Expands

Video of Sheriff’s presentation of her reform plan to the Public Justice and Safety Committee.

Documents provided to the Public Justice and Safety Committee:
jail reform cover letter
jail reform attachment a
jail reform attachment b

If you watch this video, you’ll see the credibility of the Blue Ribbon Commission further undermined by the County COO, Gary Graves when he states “I don’t think we need any commission to tell us when problems are identified.”  He also states they “think some things are important enough to fix” — my question is why were they not important enough to fix before Michael Tyree died? Even more importantly why were some of these issues, so important now, not important enough to avoid cutting? Items like staffing, training, and the PCAU that provided policy oversight and after action reviews of policy adherence and efficacy?

NOW it’s important to the sheriff and the county?  Honestly, I’m tired. I’m tired of the lies. I’m tired of the manipulations. I’m tired of a county that is willing to protect the leader of this clearly visible oncoming disaster that she orchestrated.  Seriously? We have to protect her to protect the county? All I have to ask is who is going to protect everyone when she gets the opportunity to unleash her vengeance and do it all again — because that’s how she punishes people. Manipulating schedules, conducting fraudulent investigations, and generally making the job and life more difficult.

From Graves response to “what do you want us to do with this report” from the committee, it’s clear this was little more than an attempt to run around the Blue Ribbon Commission. He states that there are a lot of people working on a lot of items, including budgetary issues.  There was nothing I heard that gave reason to further complicate the “waves of activity” by jumping the gun with this report. There are multiple other investigations and incoming recommendations. Rather than coordinate and group them, assign a budget to them, and then present them, the sheriff left the starting line early. Not because it would make the process easier, but because it can be used as part of her PR mission. Sadly the PR consultant seems to have put protecting the sheriff above protecting the county.  I’m not sure that is in the county’s best interest, I know it’s not in the best interests of the citizens, and definitely not those of the inmates or deputies.

And no one has even begin to address the promotional process. There has been a complete failure at this point to even publicly recognize how she has destroyed the process in both enforcement and in jails.  Clearly she seems to be avoiding that subject. She wants to give people TWO lie detectors in the backgrounds but we haven’t heard a single noise about her promotional procedures. One so biased and offensive it’s my understanding that some of the outside entities brought in to help in the past are refusing to ever sit on a promotional oral board again.  So that means promotions remain grossly subjective allowing the worst to promote if they manage to catch her eye and impress her with an (in)appropriate favor.

Then we have the sheriff’s recent claims published by one of our sheriff-owned PRAVDA media sources where she claims she started many of these improvements before Tyree died.  I’m sorry, can we hook the sheriff up to a lie detector — twice — and ask her for the truth about that, please?

When does this become an honest effort to make things better? When do we take seriously the fact that she has undermined every single layer of security and integrity within the system? When do we stop allowing the county commissions and boards to be nothing more than a stage for the sheriff to run her 2018 campaign on unchallenged by the reality she has created?

We’re losing more people.  Yesterday I was notified of several people who will be leaving in the coming weeks. It’s going around there are numerous others in backgrounds for other agencies now. We are really going to let the quality people we have managed to continue to hold onto leave in order to protect this hack who has literally reversed the progress in our county jails to back when she was a sergeant?  She has proven the only thing  she knows is what she learned 40 years ago. That because she was never a lieutenant, never a captain, she has no idea how to do her job because she has huge gaps in her experience.  She never looked back after she jump from sergeant.. oh sorry WOC lieutenant for a few months…all the way up to Assistant Sheriff.  She knew it all already, she had nothing more to learn in her mind.

I think the way she has drug the jails backwards in such a short time shows us that she had a lot to learn. She had a lot of years to learn it. She chose not too.  Recommend she step down. Do not provide her with fodder to run in 2018 should she refuse to step down.

We’re going to be lucky to even make it to 2018 without a complete collapse — an issue which I will address next week.  Yes, I was notified this morning there is a looming disaster just a few weeks from beginning over in enforcement and the sheriff has been trying to hide it.  I will put it out next week. You can ignore it as everything else has been ignored on this blog. That’s your choice.  The reality is ignoring what I put out next week won’t stop what is coming any more than ignoring everything else has stopped what has already happened. The shame of what is happening — there is likely no time to stop it now. It will happen. But that is another subject for next week. What’s another day or three at this point.


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  2. I hope everyone who watches this video understands that all recommendations that are submitted by ALL commissions on this issue to the Board of Supervisors, and that are approved will be reviewed by the County Executive’s Office and will be referred to the budget process. Recommendations that are approved by the Board will be prioritized during the budget process and will be implemented according to available funds. Simply put, if there is not enough available funding for a certain request, then it will not implemented, until funding is found at a later date, if at all.

    The bottom line here is that budget constraints are why much of the hard work of commissions goes to the way side and very few recommended programs, increased staff, or improvements comes to fruition. It is a sad but true fact of government.

    On a different note, your last article asked people to step up and expose the difficulties you are enduring. Well, I know two incredible men who are doing just that! I’ve attended the last two Blue Ribbon Commission Meetings (BRC) and I have to say that I am very impressed by DSA Vice President Roger Winslow, and SCCCPO Vice President Julio Alvarez for their extraordinary leadership, courage, and strong representation of their men and women. They are telling the BRC everything that is wrong in both the Sheriff’s Office and in the jails, and the Commissioners are listening.

    Given what a capable job these Union leaders are doing in representing you before the BRC, my hope is that those of you who are fearful of coming forward will reach out to your Union reps to assist you, rather than suffering in silence.

    Also, you may reach out to the Office of Human Relations if you have a grievance. They have started a new program for officers and inmates. (FYI- They also have a very good mediation program.) The contact for the Jail Ombudsman is either Eunice Lee or Kate Jones. The general new intake email address is: JOP@ohr.sccgov.org
    Eunice’s number: 408-993-4122. Her email is: eunice.lee@ohr.sccgov.org
    Kate’s number: 408-993-4115

    The protocol would be that you contact Eunice, speak about setting up an in-office appointment (if you would like to), and then they schedule it. If you don’t want to come in, they can begin a case over the phone. They will give you their address at that time (if you want to come in), since they don’t take walk-in appointments for the Ombud’s programs.


    • The very first link in the first sentence should go to the video of that meeting… the document links below that are what she provided to during the meeting. Please let me know if it’s not working. When you pull it up, you’ll get a blank blue square on the left for a few moments, the meeting starts around 2:30 and the sheriff starts muttering inconsistencies around minute 8 or 9.


      • I want to thank you for all of the information you provide and the time investment it takes to do it. I know more should speak up. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. Keep up the good fight.

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        • Thank you and you are welcome. I can only continue to hope that people realize that continuing to attempt to improve the office, during the best of times and the worst, is an investment in your own future. Many are looking to leave, I know, and I don’t blame them. I only hope they realize the grass is not always greener on the other side of the street. Every office has it’s issues, every office has it’s politics, every office is only as good as the investment people are willing to put into it. SCCSO has incredible potential when we get over the speed bump of incredibly poor leadership.


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