Law Enforcement Boycott Beyonce on Tour

I don’t usually drift far off topic on this blog.  I like to keep my focus. After the Super Bowl half time show, though, I figured I would lend a few pixels to this cause.

We’ve seen the city of San Francisco recently “honor” an attempted murderer with a violent record who was ultimately shot after stabbing a man who is now calling himself the “forgotten victim“.  We can clearly see in that article, the life of the victim of Mario Woods means far less than a criminal’s to those looking for votes. The officers who were faced with a man who had already attempted to kill someone and was refusing to cooperate with their orders are painted as if this was an execution and not a matter of defense against a person wielding a knife and having already proven a willingness to use it. If that “Day of Memorial” for an attempted killer wasn’t enough of a slap in the face to officers and the victim, Beyonce came to town and chose to put the b*tchslap cherry on the Sundae during the half time show.

While most of us agree policing can always be improved upon, there will always be decisions that in hindsight could have been made differently, that there will always be the handful of “bad apples” — etc., etc., etc., holding up someone who tried to kill an innocent bystander for no reason as a hero and a martyr is a sorry excuse for a cause.

Yes, racism exists. Yes, there are times it certainly can infiltrate law enforcement. Yes, we need to continue the forward momentum of fighting racism.  And Beyonce certainly has the platform to bring a strong public voice to black issues. But what she did isn’t how to make that happen. What she did was pander to the All Mighty Dollar at the expense of all of us. Alienating each other, black, white, whatever, won’t bring equality, post-racial America, or any other positive. Yes, we as a nation could do better, and we as people need to look to better leadership than those promoting a divide to sell multi-million dollar records so they can rent mansions for $10,000 on our backs.  We need leaders on both sides that promote respect; respect for each other and respect for ourselves.

Beyonce got to lodge her protest, a protest which she has every right to engage in, by making an attempted killer a centerpiece of her message by promoting images asking for justice for an attempted murderer after the half time show. The officers of the South Bay, at least some, will get an opportunity, should they choose, to lodge their protest against her and the SF Board of Supervisor’s willingness to kick Woods’ victim to the curb to make political enemies of their own officers.

I’m asking all officers and deputies who double badge events at Levi’s Stadium to not sign up to work Beyonce’s May 16, 2016 show.  I’m asking you to do this, not in a protest against Beyonce or BLM or any single person, group, or organization, but as a request that all people begin to respect each other. That we begin to recognize two wrongs don’t make a right and that we need to lift each other up for equality, not do it by knocking each other down.

Law Enforcement rarely has the opportunity to be heard in an actual protest or boycott, but this is just such a chance.  Please, if you double badge at Levi’s Stadium, let Beyonce and the NFL and Santa Clara who likely approved this message, pay for a private security for her show(s) here.

I hope that if other stadiums scheduled on the tour have a similar practice of double badging with voluntary sign up, that they will join us in protesting her events by refusing to work them.