Mission: Possible

“Sheriff’s Sgt. James Jensen said Monday, however, that all the sandals, which are rubber or plastic, are washed with bleach and dried before being given to inmates.”  — Mercury News, 1/18/2016

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to supply this blog with a picture of the bin that the sandals are tossed into and recycled back into the inmate population without washing.

Or provide a policy or some other evidence that  Sergeant Jensen’s information is indeed factual.

Maybe Sgt. Jensen took the information for the sandals from the same place he got the information for his activity sheets.  Or maybe not.

Seriously, if you can get a picture, shoot it over to my email and I’ll put it up here. I’ve had two people come to me and say this is not fact, that shoes are picked out of and tossed back into a bin by inmates and never cleaned.  I’ve also been told, “inmates will be wearing  a size 12 on one foot and a 10 on the other because they’re in a bin, not organized or cleaned.”


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  1. Casey AWB2050 is correct on the blanket exchange. Blanket exchange is not completed per policy. True the only time that clean washed blankets are exchanged is when grievances are filed. Or sometime once a month if they have enough to exchange. But then much may have changes since I retired in 2012 and the Sheriffs take over. It is all about the budget and not about the inmate. Do Captains get bonuses if they keep within budget? Do they get the bonuses if complaints and grievances are down?

    I am surprised you have not received a picture of the clothing bin.


    • I think the captain’s bonus plan was dropped at some point after the De Anza rape case because a captain made a decision not to send out detectives on overtime. Though I have to say it was never fully confirmed what the change was. The deal was if the captain had sent detectives out, they may have been able to convict, but it’s said (I have not solid confirmation) had they been sent out, the captain would have likely lost some part or all of his bonus. You know the usual SO administration of Laurie Smith priorities – me before everyone else. You would think that a captain like that would suffer consequences — he did, we’re still paying him in his retirement as a contractor for the sheriff.

      I’m disappointed I haven’t received a picture 😦

      I’m hearing some awesomely irresponsible things about promotions these days though… would *REALLY* love a bit more information on what’s going on there. I know they’ve been deteriorating in enforcement for some time — it’s down to a personality show rather than a process to pick qualified personnel.


  2. I remember back when the budget was tight, in response to a grievance filed regarding blanket exchanges, taking blankets from inmates in one dorm, having the trustees fold them, and exchanging them with the inmates in the adjacent dorm. Then those blankets were exchanged in the next adjoining dorm, and so on, and so on.
    The inmates were happy, they got new blankets, admin was happy, and the grievances stopped, Admin knew what we were doing, but as long as we did not tell them, it was ok.
    When some inmates finally figured out what had happened, they “reported” it to their family members, who complained to the admin, and as the building T.O., I got a letter placed in my file.

    It seems that nothing has changed in the 9 years since I have been gone….

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  3. The POS statement in the Merky article is unbelievable. Being retired I can tell you the statements made by the POS are so far from the truth to be laughable. Some times the inmates have to use strings to hold the sandals together. Those sandals are often cracked or toe mostly broken off. CLEANED with Bleach? Really? That statement should make Comedy Central.

    The Media needs to take a tour of the jails and film this process with the cleaning buckets. Allowing inmates to place their hands into bleach? Yeah right. Don’t believe it because it never happens. Things never change.

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    • What’s awesome to me is that they would send him out with this statement, a blatant lie, in response to a law suit. It may be a minor issue any other day, but they just got caught lying to the public about information directly associated with the situation the suit is claiming. Morons!


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