Another Death Associated with Santa Clara County Jails?

No one has been able to 100% confirm at this point but rumors are running rampant. Sources are telling me the pedestrian who darted out onto Highway 237 the evening of November 1st, ultimately being struck by three vehicles was not supposed to be there but for the grace of dysfunctional policy overseen by Sheriff Smith and her now brand new, shiny Assistant Sheriff, Troy “I hold people accountable for how they spell my name” Beliveau.  Some of you may have recently met him as the Sheriff’s alternate for the Blue Ribbon Joke… errr commission. (When did they approve an alternate for the “MUST” be present sheriff?! I though she HAD to be there to answer questions and be held accountable?!)

While the commission gleefully decides they can focus  on the only skill set Ladoris Cordell has to offer an “in depth review” process — reviewing complaints — the rest of us became aware the sheriff’s office released an allegedly mentally ill patient who was only to be released into the custody of  a caregiver, out on to the streets on his own where he was killed crossing a highway less than a mile away.  It appears that rather than risk keeping these people in custody long enough to ensure a positive transfer to outside care, they’re now pushing them out the door as quickly as possible. It’s my understanding this man could have been released as late as midnight or 2:00 AM no less.  After all, once they’re out the door, they’re not the sheriff’s problem, even if they weren’t released in the manner required.

What is interesting and makes this rumor more likely to be truth is the lack of information that has been released by the Coroner’s office, managed by the Sheriff, regarding the identity of the individual. We already know the sheriff is jealously guarding the data from the now nearly 8 week old autopsy of Walter Roches who may have died due to being shot in the abdomen from a short distance by lead weighted plastic projectiles. The coroner’s office is refusing to release the information. Why should holding the identity of an individual be a big deal, after all who’s going to ask if no one even knows what happened anyway?

I bet our new Assistant Sheriff Beliveau was relieved to hear they’re making official the change of subject of the commission.  If the sheriff is going to make him sit in her target seat, he won’t have to lie by omission.  And I hear he has some creative ideas in regards to “discipline” especially when it comes to demeaning personnel for no good reason.


2 thoughts on “Another Death Associated with Santa Clara County Jails?

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  2. I think a FOIA / public records request would be illuminating, provided they furnish the information. I am a bit concerned since I know the County position on other matters is that of confidentiality (to protect us?).

    What happened to transparency? Perhaps some feel the need to protect the citizen’s for their own good.


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