Please Read and Sign

This generally isn’t a participatory blog, but I’m asking you to take just a moment of your time today. Please both sign the below petition and share it on your social media.

It seems I’m far from the only one who feels the sheriff should be testifying and not presiding.

If you feel it’s inappropriate for the sheriff to be sitting on a commission who’s job it is to investigate the administrative, personnel and policy failures in the jails she’s overseen for the past 5+ years, please add your voice. If you’re unsure why we might feel this way, the open letter by the author of the petition states clearly why her appointment is a conflict of interest.  This is not a petition that requires you to be within a certain voting district or zip code for legislative purposes, so if you have an interest, but live outside the county, you can still sign this petition.

Please follow the link, read and sign this petition: Sheriff Laurie Smith Should Not Serve on the Jail Blue Ribbon Commission (There is a check box at the bottom of the form that you can use to keep your name from being public on the site if you so wish.)


3 thoughts on “Please Read and Sign

  1. Casey Thomas, I have a quick question about the petition. If a person signs the petition, will they have to actually physically show support when the time is needed? Some of my friends/coworkers are scared to sign in fear of being a witness or being subpoenaed.


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