$95K for the Spin Doctors and a Fox to Guard the Henhouse

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The Mercury News has shockingly tossed out a relevant tidbit that doesn’t entirely support the sheriff. If you can read between the nauseating lines of admiration for her political skills and how effectively and brilliantly she screws the public, you find out that the County Executive can toss out $95,000 in a New York minute to spin the county voters, (it’s called Crisis Communications), into believing that the sheriff isn’t at fault here. She carries no blame for any of what has been going on in her jails. She’s so not at fault, she’s on the Blue Ribbon Commission to fix what some other entity who made all the cuts and bad decisions in the jail over the past 5+ years.

$95,000 They are spending nearly twice the national average salary just to tell you the sheriff did no wrong here. The same jails she has been in control of for the last five years and have had a hand in managing for years prior through the sheriff’s JAD unit, and has proudly and repeatedly told us she spent much of her career there. Yes, let us not forget the Jails Administration Division that reported back to the Sheriff regarding Department of Correction issues for many years, which she cut when taking over the jails in 2010. Between elimination of JAD and Professional Compliance and Auditing Unit (PCAU), she eliminated any mechanism by which issues could be identified and addressed. But this is not her fault.

$95,000 to convince you the deputies are bad people, create a commission to spend who knows how much and how long listening to and addressing individual complaints before they do a thing to even begin to address the heart of the problems — severely insufficient staffing, lack of training in multiple areas, lack of supervision, and archaic policy that has possibly resulted in a second death. All the responsibility of the sheriff, not deputies.

$95,000 dollars quickly spent, no public discussion, to change the focus of the media from the root cause of the problems to all the bad apples (deputies) working in the jails. $95,000 spent to publicize deputies being “walked off” and or arrested and called guilty until proven innocent. If the sheriff expects them to be treated as guilty until proven innocent, do you really believe she thinks inmates are innocent until proven guilty? When have we ever heard of deputies being arrested before the death of Micheal Tyree or for that matter the sheriff’s office making a public statement for internal disciplinary hearings? Because before this people who were walked off for criminal activity were not charged because she didn’t want anyone to know there were problems. Amazing how $95,000 can switch that story and benefit the sheriff.

$95,000 spent to draw attention away from a second autopsy, the autopsy of Walter Roches, an inmate who had been shot by a less lethal weapon, FN 303, they called an “air gun” in the media that shot “plastic bullets”. True statement, yes, it does shoot plastic bullets, full of metal pellets. And it is an air gun… super charged. But I don’t have $95,000 to ensure enough coverage to tell you that part. I’ve only seen one station that’s talked about that.

$95,000 that minimized the controversial weapon system and has successfully placated the media into believing the autopsy results showed “no foul play” — or the sheriff’s media version of “nothing to see here”. And then delaying the release so the media conveniently moves on so she won’t have to answer the hard questions. Strange how Michael Tyree’s autopsy was out in a matter of a week or so. My money is the Spin Doctors have a study regarding the attention span of the general public/media.

$95,000, I don’t recall that discussion being held during the Board of Supervisors meeting. I guess really it’s just a pittance compared when the county is sued for willful negligence resulting in death, not in one, but two cases and losing tens of millions of dollars for it. These families settle for anything less than $6.5M a piece I would be shocked. They’ll find that in the budget, they won’t have a choice. I have to wonder, would it been better to have invested in the camera system years ago, it would have been a lot less expensive than covering over the results of professional disregard from the Sheriff.

$95,000 is just the beginning. After a while, as the families walk away realizing even millions won’t make a bit of difference, their loved one is gone, and the Spin Doctors go back to their offices laughing at the gullibility of the public, media, and those looking to fool them, the deputies will have even less for training and equipment and absolutely no respect on the street or within their own office. That is the end result. Years of honorable service for many flushed down the toilet with $95,000 because the sheriff is an elected official who was backed by every single BoS member while deputies told everyone about these problems and therefore she must not be tarnished or they’ll all be tarnished. How much does it cost again to hire, train and get a deputy through their probation period? Better start adding that sum up.

$95,000 is a lot of money, but in the end this light on the sheriff’s office shall pass too, with the help of a bunch of lobbyists spinning the story. The lot of top politicians will all be re-elected despite leaving the county this much poorer, intellectually and financially, for no reason beyond their own narcissism and they will all live happily ever after.

$95,000 of tax payer money is just what was spent to initially transfer the focus from the overall lack of leadership within the sheriff’s office to the deputies. Think how much more they’re going to spend pretending the Commission for Activism is really going to make changes and a better environment for everyone.

For those of us that can no longer stomach the self-serving politicians as our office falls down, here’s where you can find a list of some of the law enforcement jobs through out the state. You can find other CA LEO jobs listed here (don’t laugh when you see how recent the Santa Clara Co. postings are on these pages). I’m sure there are leaders out there who standup and take responsibility for their agencies rather than point at everyone but themselves.


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  2. I wonder if the Tyree family attorney Paula Canny realizes there was really big money spent to manipulate her? I’m sure the sheriff is the one who called Paula asking her to participate not one of the high priced guns mentioned above. I wonder how the emails read between the county exec-sheriff-lobbyists on this topic. Where’s the FOI for any emails between the county exec-sheriff-lobbyists? It’s tax payer money being used to lobby for the county, where’s the transparency? I don’t see an attorney client privilege with lobbyists.


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