Has it been four years?

“The Sheriff’s Office has high expectations of every individual who has taken the sworn oath to uphold the law,” stated Sheriff Laurie Smith. “Sadly, if these allegations are true, these deputies did not live up to the standards of our office and they violated the public trust and for that they must be held accountable.”  — ABC7 News

It looks like the sheriff is cleaning house, and she’s right, if these deputies committed these acts, they should be held accountable. On that we agree. I’m not here to argue the obvious. Like all charged with a crime though, they deserve fair due process.  Let’s try to make sure they get that.

I find it incredibly strange though that the sheriff is going after a 4850 fraud case since I’ve been made aware of at least two cases of potential fraud that were reported to investigators and ignored. But there’s always a time to start doing the right thing, right sheriff? Pity, you only do it when it’s to haul your own ass out of the fire.

But my question is in regards to the Captain who was in the video as a sergeant, stepping on the back of an inmate shown on NBC Investigates — sheriff are you going to prosecute?

I believe PC 149 and PC 242 apply here and the statute of limitations is in play here: 4 year statute of limitations from discovery or date of offense for misconduct in office by a public officer, employee, or appointee involving certain specified acts.

I don’t know if it’s been more than 4 years, but it appears you just discovered this offense in early September when the video was aired on the local news. Or does the standard only apply to those you consider disposable?

Frankly sheriff, we are all beyond tired of your double standard and as sworn law enforcement, disgusted at how you’ve looked the other way for your favorites, from alleged DUIs to soliciting prostitutes. Your upper ranks are filled with sycophants who have committed a myriad of offenses, many have even avoided IA investigations despite complaints being filed against them from everything from lying to accepting bribes. And still they get promoted again.

Yes, those who do wrong need to be held responsible. But ALL of them must be held responsible if they committed crimes. I have no hope for those who committed incompetencies like your assistant sheriff that threw away evidence in a murder and sent an SRO to write citations in a sexual assault case and admitted in a national magazine interview (how does one see those as promotable qualifications anyway?) — but those who committed actual crimes rather than incompetent blunders? What are you going to do? We are watching, sheriff. You may believe us to be the bumbling keystone cops that you so labeled us, to dumb to see your brilliant shenanigans, but we do see them and we are tired of them reflecting on us. We are sickened that for years you have ignored problems, yet now you’re cherry picking the problems to your advantage and to reflect poorly on the rest of us – mostly to attempt to instill fear and silence us.

Sheriff how many times have you let people quietly walk away when they should have been arrested — say for domestic violence or drug use on the job or even abusing inmates? Even having an AI investigator threaten to launch an IA against someone who filed a complaint if they didn’t drop the complaint against a favored deputy? Maybe you didn’t directly have a hand in that, but you certainly lead an office where an investigator felt it acceptable to do that.

Sheriff, step down and let someone review this office from a fair and unbiased place. A place where they want to see improvement, not just protect themselves and those that could reflect poorly on the leadership if found out to be what they really are. Let this office become what it was when you got elected — nationally recognized for something good, rather than the national embarrassment you’ve turned it into.


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  1. Please let people know that Benjamin Law Group, P.C. is moving full speed with litigation on behalf of female guards that have been sexually harassed, discriminated against, and retaliated against. We welcome everyone, male and female, with verifiable evidence of how women have been treated, and how management has ignored complaints and facilitated and/or allowed retaliation. People can email us at nb@4blglaw.com. This is the time to come forward and make that change! We have them on the ropes and we need to prevail!!!!

    (415) 633-8833 is the office line. We’re taking on this fight, and we hope others will join us! Otherwise, nothing will change.


  2. Did anyone else find it more than a little ironic that the PIO stood there with a straight face and put forth the Sheriffs lyes?
    I may be wrong here, but heard he was fired for lying in official documents?? If that’s true how is even still here and why is he a sargeant. Wasn’t one of the people just arrested for wrongly accessing a database? That seems small beans when compared to a person who is currently the name and face of the sherriff who did much worse things. It seems Casey is right that only the chosen few get the get out of jail free card. Maybe people should start putting all the dirt out on these chosen few and let’s see what the sherriff does.


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