Why so Quiet About the Deputy Involved Hit-and-Run?

I was made aware that one of our deputies had been injured in a hit and run in one of the sheriff’s contract cities through twitter. A couple of tweets from a SO account, and I, as well as others, echoed them on Twitter and FB. I was then notified some days later by a couple different people that they had caught the suspected driver. Neither person had any further details though. I thought nothing of it since the information was relatively new and I guess just making it through the ranks that we had a win on this one.

Since then it’s been dead quiet. No one knows anything other than they identified someone. I looked for information in the news about what had happened and to see if any information had been released to notify the public — thanks for your help, suspect found, great job!

What I found was disturbing given the history of the sheriff. Only two news outlets covered the story at all — on one it almost appears like it was by accident that they did so. The one major media outlet that picked it up didn’t even ask the public to contact the sheriff’s office if they knew or saw anything. Wow. Why did the sheriff, her administration, or the PIO not ensure the identifying information of a vehicle that hit a deputy was dispersed to the media? Why did these outlets not put that information out?

As for follow up that a suspect was “caught” or “identified” or even an update on the deputy, there has been NONE to this date. A driver runs down a deputy and leaves and it’s like it never even happened.

This got me to thinking of all the times things have happened that the sheriff has tried to cover up for those she owes political favors too. Even an SAB member who had gotten in legal binds in their own DUI and hit and run incidents, trying to remove evidence of SAB membership when a member   was implicated in a domestic violence incident…she does her best to handle these cases as quietly as possible with the least impact on the offender and herself as possible. And the media skating over SAB members pouring in who knows how many dollars in the sheriff’s pocket without transparency, some members having criminal backgrounds, federal felony charges for theft, or ignoring the sheriff’s own potentially ethical transgressions or lies on the deputies backs. It’s not like we can really trust these entities to tell the truth anymore.

Sadly all this makes it very plausible the sheriff if attempting to protect some one in this incident at the cost of a deputy’s well-being.  We could be wrong.  Perhaps there is some other legitimate reason this incident and it’s follow up is so quiet. But….

This hit and run incident happened in a contract city; the sheriff is notoriously willing to look the other way when it benefits her, just like the contract cities look the other direction when there are accounting discrepancies. Cities that are filled with donors, supporters, and political cronies who have been exchanging who knows what favors. What’s the well-being of a single deputy out just trying to do his job in the grand scheme of political favors.

Take all this with a grain of salt, although I would make it a small grain. I don’t know what is going on… and I’m only speculating here, but if someone committed felony hit and run and the victim, being a deputy, rather than an elderly person, or a bicyclist or any of the myriad of other types of victims we’ve seen covered in the media in these types of cases, isn’t entitled to justice because of beliefs, relationships or practices of the sheriff’s administration is of concern. It is sadly believable that the sheriff cares that little about the deputies.  We know for a fact if the roles were reversed the sheriff wouldn’t hesitate to address the deputy.

To add to all this, the “Chief of Police” of these contract cities is notoriously known for both catering to the sheriff’s personal and emotional whims as well as willingly and intentionally endangering at least one deputy, even while he and other members of the administration have gone out of their way to benefit others with the potential power of quid pro quo. It’s already been established that certain people involved had little or no concern for the safety of our deputies — so it’s not a real big leap to assume this deputy is no more important when faced with a political quandary if a contract city citizen, SAB member, or some other individual in “good standing” was involved.

So… the question is: Why so quiet? Is the sheriff trying to protect someone from a crime? Who is so important that it appears the sheriff may almost literally be throwing a deputy under bus (or at least a moving vehicle)? And isn’t it pathetic that the sheriff and certain members of her administration engender so much trust among her staff that it would even cross our minds that she would do something like this?


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  1. How does this woman still have a job? We all know she was sleeping with Gillingham and that is why she was promoted from sergeant to Under Sheriff and that is why he retired early and appointed her Sheriff. I guess it does pay to sleep with the boss. The woman was born with a defect! How could someone be so cold and heartless? I can remember being a proud employee for the Sheriffs’s Office (when people were promoted on merit not on ass kissing). I am so glad I am no longer associated with 55 W Younger Ave.


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