A Moment of Your Time for a Fallen Officer’s Family, Please

California is realigning its prisons in a number of ways, some with which I agree, but many ways I don’t. I think we all understand the need to find better ways, and while we may not always agree on what those ways are, I think we can all agree that this most recent action can not be tolerated in silence, especially with the increasing ideology that it’s okay to target law enforcement.

LAPD Detective Thomas Williams was gunned down in front of his son in 1985 as he picked his son up from school and one of the primary conspirators in his cold-blooded murder has been granted parole after being denied just last year. If you are not familiar with the incident and the ongoing issue, you can familiarize yourself with the details and the central role Voltaire Williams (no relation to the detective) played in Detective Williams death at in this LAist article and through an ADDA blog post located here.

Williams was granted parole on August 4th by TWO people, but there is still an opportunity to stop his release through our governor. Governor Brown needs to hear us express how important it is now not to further vindicate the growing belief that officers are eligible targets with minimal repercussions.

I am asking you to please take a moment to read the letter from Detective Williams widow to the governor and echo her powerful message to our governor (there is an available sample letter below Mrs. Williams letter). You can contact Governor Brown directly by email or snail mail by clicking here, please reference Voltaire Williams, CDC number E17796 in your correspondence.

If we don’t speak up for ourselves, no one will hear what we have to say, so again, please take a moment of your time to be heard for a fallen officer and his family.

Please share this post with friends and family who believe that if #AllLivesMatter then #BlueLivesMatterToo and ask them to add their voices to ours in asking Governor Brown to deny parole.