Ray MacDonald – The Other Guy at the Sheriff’s Range

Has anyone mentioned that the felony domestic violence charged Ray MacDonald was the other guy at the range that day with the sheriff and Aldon Smith?  And that apparently the police have been called to MacDonald’s house a number of times?  Did anyone check to see if he was having issues before he was invited to the range?

Sorry, just kidding.  But on a great note, 49ers fans rock — you have the most arrested team in the NFL right now with Ray’s arrest making 10 since 2012 according to what’s being reported to me.  Quick, run and drop another $1000 for a day at the games… these guys are going to need to pay their legal bills.

Clarification:  I was just kidding about someone actually checking MacDonald’s record, not about the range.  He really was the other  “big name” 49er at the range that day at the Sheriff’s invitation and he really was recently charged with felony domestic violence.  Sorry, didn’t mean to get confusing.