Tune in Monday at 11

Monday at 11, NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit will be launching the story regarding the questions and concerns we brought to light in the Metcalf Substation attack follow-up by the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office.

I hope everyone is watching as the fruit of our efforts comes to light for the public to see through a validated media source.

We worked hard on this story, you and I, and we did not give up even when we had been told no, repeatedly. If it was not for your efforts in writing to our representatives, solid evidence in this situation may never have existed. We were able to get the Sheriff’s Office administration to document their version of events. If not for your efforts we would not have the outline of what actually happened. ¬†Together, we did that!

I launched the Metcalf story on my site on May 8, 2014. I did this after I and several others that were helping me, reached out to no fewer than 4 separate news organizations. All the organizations refused the story and one highly recommended I break the story myself.

About a week prior to the election, I was contacted and told to take down the information on Metcalf. I was told that he was being told at this time an entirely different story by the media than I had been told — that his media source would do the story, but couldn’t follow on after a blog or they would look “unprofessional.”

It wasn’t hard to guess which media entity was behind this. The same one that had tried hard to get me to take down and stop blogging on the Aldon Smith issue when he decided to do that story.

I just want people to understand, I am happy this is breaking in the media. I am thrilled that it is being put out to the public. I do not have the reach or resources of a newsroom and the professional media can only add to what we do — if we work together rather than try to discredit each other.

Our blog has made a difference. Our blog is the reason the Aldon Smith story came out and our blog is the reason the Metcalf story is coming.

We are not powerless. We need to never allow anyone to knock us down or stop us from speaking out by trying to get us to believe we can’t make a difference.

We have other stories out there. We have other issues. We need you to speak out. Through our blog, through the media, through whomever you are comfortable going to with your information.

I’m hearing there is another story regarding the DoC and a critical failure that may be under investigation by the state. I promise, I will continue to bring the public the information we feel they are entitled to when it comes to public safety issues the office and the county supervisors continue to refuse to address.

The election does not need to stop the truth from coming out.


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