Update: Sheriff Laurie Smith’s Felonious Friends

NBC Bay Area is reporting that the Sheriff’s friend, alleged co-owner in a limousine or business involving a limousine, and former President of the Sheriff’s Advisory Board, Ron Battistella, has plead guilty to 9 felony counts involving the theft of more than a million dollars from bay area residents, including grand theft and securities fraud…

Hmmm… doesn’t she have at least one other friend who got busted for securities fraud?  I see he’s tried to re-write his wiki User page to say he did nothing wrong and it was settled in his favor since we pointed out he’s a friend of Our Sheriff Laurie.  Unfortunately for Mr. Sury you can’t change reality when the SEC says it was settled, but not so much in Mr. Sury’s favor after it was found he willfully violated the rules and lost millions of investor dollars in just 2 months.

I can’t help but wonder in this latest case of misadventure by the Sheriff’s friends, was Battistella advised to plead out to ensure he didn’t have to throw any important people under the bus as part of his defense if he decided to fight the charges?  We’re left to speculate, the whole truth so rarely comes out in this county any more.

Speaking of the whole truth, stay tuned. Monday a big spotlight will be shining on an issue many in the county have been telling us they are eager to address, even as we find out they were protecting and endorsing someone committing the very crime they have been so publicly distraught about.  You should hear/read about it in the local news, but you won’t.