We Won’t be Silenced

I’ve received a slew of emails asking me to stay on board with this.  I’ve been told by a number of outlying sources they have no intention of stopping their efforts to expose the core of failure in this administration to the public.  I continue to stand in solidarity with all honest efforts to bring about change for the better to the county voters who supported change in this election, but were robbed of it by a city that is still trying to figure out how to re-establish the law enforcement agency they previously disrupted at the ballot box.  I have a few considerations that go both ways in my efforts here though.

I have things to do, take care of and this blog takes up a LOT of time with no monetary return.  Not that I’m looking to get rich, but I need to eat too. 😉  Research can take a lot of time, I will commit what I can to this at this moment in time while there is (hopefully) a lull in the poor behavior of our administration as they “prove” to the public they truly were deserving of this election win.  You’re not going to see the intense, every day postings that were going on in the months prior to the election.  Unless you want to start up a “Support Casey” fund, I just don’t have the ability to continue at that pace now and hopefully there won’t be a need to for a little while.

If history repeats itself, we have reason to believe the sheriff will provide herself a buffer of several months before taking serious action against those of us she feels are against her.  We can not forget the “promises” made to those of us who supported Kevin, and must not allow ourselves to become lulled by lack of immediate action.

We’ve already seen her political machine continue the name calling and mistruths about the election process in the days after the vote.  It’s clear that there has been no attempt at introspection during the very public election-time conversation.  Not even the editor and senior vice president of the Mercury News explaining to her that the public officials she works with “wouldn’t dare cross” her seems to have been nothing more than a momentary blip on her radar.  The fact that not a single law enforcement agency endorsed her or the one LE leader that could endorse her is currently in negotiations with her and likely felt forced to endorse her is already beyond the scope of her rear view mirror. There wasn’t even the pretense of providing a moment of appearing to be a gracious winner.

What we may see more quickly (and may already be seeing to a degree in some quarters), is a realigning of assignments, an effort to bring a few back into the fold with carrots, and sooth the feelings of people who were called out for their lack of commitment to public safety and responsible professionalism.

I won’t go away, but understand, if something is going on out there, I need your help, more now than before.  We lost the election, but that doesn’t mean the fight has to be over.  If you have information, if you have something happen to you, if you are aware of an investigation being diverted from standard policing practices, touch base with me.  Let me know what is going on.

It’s my understanding that even as the election numbers were called, already things were happening that indicate we are in for more of the same and the hubris has only been vindicated by voters who chose to remain uneducated or worse, unheard in regards to how badly this office is run.

People are already breaking the rules to take time off when they want too, despite the impact on low staffing; using sick time that creates an immediate negative impact.  Something the Sheriff has claimed in the past is a serious problem she is trying to get under control.

It’s also my understanding there are a few striving and making very public efforts to get on my blog because it’s become a “badge of honor” among the Sheriff’s supporters; proof of their trustworthiness to the administrations efforts and willingness to do what it takes, if you will.  They will not be appearing on my blog unless they engage in something worth being on my blog for.  If they’re willing to go that far to “earn” that badge of honor, then they’ll be here.

Don’t let the people needling us with demands and insult push us into doing something we’re not ready to do, something we’re not wanting to say.

We are and will continue to fight for a better working environment for all, not a few.

We are and will continue to fight for better public safety services, the people we serve will continue to come first in our professional efforts.

We are and will continue to demand a better professional standard than the administration as provided to date.

We are and will remain above harming others for our personal gain.

That’s why we are here.


5 thoughts on “We Won’t be Silenced

  1. Casey, you have become “Ann Landers: due to no fault of your own. Many, many people “came out” during this election and threw it all in for Kevin. Now that the dust has settled, and the reality of 4 more years sets in, also does the fear of retaliation for exercising our right to free speech, and the rights of voting citizens to elect leaders we feel will work in our behalf and treat their constituents with honor and dignity.

    Take some time off Casey, well deserved. But like any other hobby, this has become yours and many of your fellow employee ‘s too. Continue to be our voice.



    • I don’t think this will so much be a case of “coming out” as much ask “keeping current” and addressing issues of today vs. an overall picture. A project I envision as much easier and less labor intensive at the moment. I wanted that expectation to be set now — no more 6 day weeks for the blog for the time being. But I absolutely am on the job if there are things that need to be publicized. I have to say that I enjoyed a very relaxing weekend for the first time in many months 🙂 and I intend on enjoying more.


  2. I’d be happy to contribute $25.00 a month to help you keep this blog going, if someone is willing to set up a funding source to donate to on line.


    • Kathleen, I appreciate the offer, but it is by no means my intent to ask for monetary assistance to keep this going. The blog, for all intents and purposes is free, other than my time, which I have no problem donating. But I do have to distribute that time a little differently at the moment to keep life running smoothly.

      If it reaches a fevered pitch again, I may have to rethink that strategy 😉

      Your offer of assistance to keep this project going is extremely generous and I thank you for your offer and for you being the good person you are.



      • Casey- While I respect your position on not receiving monetary assistance for your blog, I do know that most people who run blogs get paid, and get companies to advertise to keep the blog going. i.e. SJI for one.

        I also know that the amount of work, research, and time that you have put into this warrants some kind of compensation. I’m sure you had to pay for some of the public information requests you had to make to ensure accuracy in your reporting.

        Having said that, my question to you is how can any of us put a price on honestly, factual reporting, your integrity, and our gratitude to you? We can’t! So if there ever comes a time that me, and others need to step up and catch your back, I’m in. 🙂


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