Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

It’s done and over and, ironically the voters of the cities of Santa Clara county out-voted the county residents where nearly all precincts supported Kevin Jensen, giving us 4 more years of an incumbent that many of us have grave concerns about in regards to leadership.

Someone recently said to me the power of willful ignorance can never be overstated.  I agree; I add, willful ignorance and intellectual laziness in the electoral process is an incumbent’s greatest friend and change’s greatest enemy.  I can’t urge you strongly enough to be the change you want to see in your government, be it local or federal.  Educate yourselves about your vote in the future.  Verify everything, especially the things you find you agree with.

But back to today.  Something has happened here, something we can not let go of, we need to cherish and continue to grow.  Kevin has given us something that maybe none of us could give ourselves — the ability to work together as a team to make positive things happen.  He is a leader we all respect and we can continue to strive to his level, even if we continue to face challenges some will put in front of us to get there.

As we’ve said all along, we are professionals and we will always do our job to the best of our abilities.  That is why we stood up in the first place.  Because we demand a higher quality that what is current expected.  There is no reason we have to stop fighting for that quality.  Today we just do it in other ways, and we hope against hope the incumbent is a gracious winner and joins us in making things better rather than keeping the promises some of her administration have been making.

The one thing we have to keep up is to support each other.  Don’t leave your co-worker out there to be targeted without a voice.  There was a time not long ago when a person was targeted by the Sheriff or one of her people, they were forced to stand alone.  We would turn our backs in fear, keeping our heads down, thinking if they would just keep their mouths shut like us, it would go away.  I think we all know, it doesn’t go away when it’s like that and the next target could just as easily be you.

Now is the time to stand together even more.  While we hope our incumbent will be professional and adhere to her public claims of improving things, we have reason to be cynical.  Years of reasons to be cynical.  We know a number of people have already been pulled aside and warned by people like Sung and Pantega.  Just like when we stood up for Kevin, they can’t get all of us if we all continue to stand together.

If you should come under fire, the boards of the DSA and CPOA have committed to protecting their membership.  Don’t endure being in a hostile work environment alone.  Keep your union leadership apprised of what is happening.  File grievances if necessary, use the process that we have allowed to stagnate because of the fear if we used it things would be worse, rather than better.

Casey is going to disappear after this post.  Right now, there is no point in Casey existing and I don’t want to become an excuse for the administration to take action if she chooses not to keep her promises.

If deputies feel I need to come back for some reason, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  I will never be far if it comes to going to the public again becomes our best option.

Kevin, thank you for standing up as our leader and as our example.  I can only strive to be the kind of person you are.  The county has suffered a great loss in not getting you as our next sheriff, but let us all hope that we can go forward with the lessons you taught us and continue to fight for something better.  Thank you to your family for supporting you and your efforts to support us and being as determined as the rest of us.  Enjoy your retirement and your family before diving back into everything you do.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Be safe,
Casey Thomas


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  1. Think out of the box: LS could “heal” the department as she says she needs to do. One way is to place Kevin Jensen in her administration. This could be the solution to many problems. The rank/file concerns would be addressed and the public could have a qualified person in a position to help heal the department.

    This is a challenge to the incumbent to fix issues that many realize must be addressed, otherwise the incumbents term will be short-lived and doomed from the start.

    Making tough decisions and understanding what is in the public’s best interest overrides any personal choices otherwise it is the public who really loses.

    Let’s see if the Sheriff means what she says. Let’s start the healing process now!


  2. Well, Casey, enjoy this brief respite. Something tells me it won’t be long before the same old crap returns to the sheriff’s office.


  3. Casey, thank you for taking the time to run/post/administer this website. You wrote, “Casey is going to disappear after this post.” I hope you decide to allow this site to remain for reference, even if it is locked for future postings, as it contains a wealth of information. What has been compiled on this site is the most thorough collection of information available. And if you’re considering deleting this site, perhaps you’ll keep in mind that like the print on paper, memories fade as time goes on. It would be a shame if all of the time and effort were forgotten too. Sincerely, Joe

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    • Joe, I am absolutely leaving the blog up for the time being. I don’t want it forgotten what has been happening, I don’t want this to be unavailable should things have to start again.

      As it’s pointed out, if investigations start being controlled by money and ignorance again rather than standard and reasonable policing practices or if the retribution begins, we may need this blog intact.


  4. Dear Casey,

    Thank you for all your hard work in getting the facts out to the troops and the public. I may not always have agreed with how you did it, but I do see that you did it with the best of intentions. You have stood up for what you believe in, and I respect that. I hope your efforts won’t be lost in things going back to business as usual out of fear of retribution.

    There is one very important thing that you have done that I feel compelled to mention. You have given a voice to all the families and victims who did not receive the help they needed in obtaining justice for their missing/bullied children, rape victims, and families of homicide victims.

    By exposing the truth about the lack of proper law enforcement involvement/collaboration with other agencies, and improper gathering of evidence in a timely manner in these high profile cases, you gave a voice to these frustrated/tormented families, and victims.

    Because of your courage, many advocacy groups came forward to share their stories, so did many Police Chiefs, and other law enforcement agencies. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that. Maybe now, when they speak out, they will be listened to because of your efforts.

    In closing, I want to support you in asking everyone to stop being afraid and to come forward when they are being told not to do their job properly. From this day forward, anyone in law enforcement who chooses to keep information that investigations are being impeded by ANYONE in upper management from becoming known to the public because they fear reprisal, is just as guilty as their superiors of hurting these families and these victims. Please, just do the right thing from now on.

    I want to thank all of you for your service to us, and ask you all to please be safe out there. God bless~


    • Kathy,

      You’ve given me a new perspective on this whole blog. A lot of my drive behind this was the outrage for the victims, going all the way back to De Anza. I never dreamed of every being able to be a voice for them, just to try and point out they weren’t being treated fairly. However I am happy and honored to hear from you that I have given them that voice and ability to stand up.

      I promise, the first I hear of investigations going sideways — refusing resources, failing to collect evidence, or spending money on expensive meals for the administrators to drive the costs up rather than on finding missing children — I’ll be back.



      • Thank you, thank you, thank you Casey! You are indeed a hero. As Dr. King once said,” Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

        God bless you and keep you safe~


            • We can agree to disagree on the hero thing 🙂

              I stand by my statement that Rich is a bloated windbag with a bag of tired old tricks. Winning the election does not mean the people won. It’s up to the sheriff now. She is the one who proves us right or him right. From the behavior of her minions the past couple days and everything coming back to me about them jockeying for position right now to prove who’s more “committed” to her, I’m betting she proves us right. It’s unfortunate, but not unexpected. We’ll know much more in the upcoming promotions that are supposed to happen in the very near future. If it’s all handpicked minions over people who are qualified and capable, we know right then and there who won and what we have to do.

              I’m not blogging, but I am watching.


  5. Let the things Casey Thomas brought to the forefront, honor, dignity and brotherhood continue to thrive. DSA/CPOA are now in solidarity, positive things will happen if all involved, continue to be involved. Move forward never back.

    Thanks Casey.

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  6. Never give up, never surrender. I am honored to have worked as a volunteer on Kevin’s campaign and will do so again if needed. Many faults in the current leadership have been revealed and I seriously doubt ANY change will come out of it without continued outside urging. Sadness over Kevin’s loss does not even begin to describe my emotions.

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  7. Casey, thank you for your efforts in this campaign. I can’t even estimate the hours you spent in assembling the materials and then writing about it. Second to Kevin being the Sheriff, the next best thing that I was looking forward to this week, if we won, was that you would reveal yourself and I could thank you in person. I guess you will remain an enigma. You should follow your own advice, and spend spend well deserved time with your family and other endeavors. I fear though that circumstances will necessitate a resumption of your work. History does not paint a pretty picture for the future. The shock that the Sheriff showed (which appeared to be real and not an act) when the statement about the opinions of the other Chiefs not liking her and being afraid to cross her told me that she does not recognize her personality disorders. If she doesn’t recognize them, she won’t make any effort to change them.

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  8. I want to thank you Casey for bringing to the forefront in print the many issues and concerns by the DSA, CPOA and the many others who have been negatively impacted by the “Queen” and her administration. Even thought the County has a NO bullying policy in place it is unfortunate that the policy has no “teeth” for the protection of the victims. The Sheriff election process did one good thing for all, it exposed the antics, bullying, poor leadership of the queen. It showed all of us that her leadership style is no different than that of Hitler. It must be very lonely for LAURIE because she now knows that everyone hates her which now answers my question as to why she does’t have any close friends but just mere acquaintances who will disappear once she is out of office. PLEASE, all DSA and CPOA members must unite and stand up against the abuse by Laurie Smith and her administrators by going public each and every time. If the community real knew and cared about the Sheriff’s bad behavior I believe Kevin would have been the next Sheriff. So for now, the corrupt administration will continue on.

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