Santa Clara County Sheriff Pleads for Information in 7 Month Old Audrie Pott Case


Yes, you read that right. Laurie Smith was pleading for information leading to evidence that wasn’t “turned in” as long as 7 months after the death of Audrie Pott. Casually skimming Twitter today, I ran across an account that I see posting quite frequently, RIP @AudriePott.  They were posting a long forgotten interview from April 17, 2013 that included quotes from Pott family attorney and supporter of Laurie Smith, Robert Allard, as well as from Sheriff Smith herself.  There is video, but there is even more information available to those willing to read the article below.

Audrie Pott of Saratoga committed suicide Sept. 10, 2012, eight days after three 16-year-old boys had allegedly sexually assaulted her and posted the photos of her online.  In the article, it is stated the family posted the following on Facebook:

We suspect that the boys who we believe are responsible for Audrie’s death took deliberate steps to destroy evidence and interfere with the police investigation. If students have information about this crime, if they saw pictures or know anything that will assist in bringing these young men to justice, please come forward. Audrie’s family is asking for any students with information to please contact our attorney, Robert Allard at* or 408-289-xxxx*

This is SEVEN months after the incident.  This is exactly along the time line we’ve been talking about.  This is not the only commentary on the missing evidence at this point though either.  Sheriff Smith herself speaks up on the matter:

Sheriff Smith told the NBC Bay Area investigative unit that her department does in fact believe it is missing a key piece of evidence.  She described it as a “critical elecronic (sic) device” that has not been turned over. It appeared the sheriff may have been hoping to get pictures relating to the case from that device.


So what is the truth?  Was critical evidence lost in this investigation?  Evidence that perhaps would have been collected if a Captain didn’t delay the investigation a week as reported by Rolling Stone Magazine?  Evidence that perhaps would have even still be caught had the administration sent a detective to investigate a sexual assault and death, rather than an School Resource Officer to write citations like we’ve been reporting?

We have the sheriff’s own words here.  Words that correlate completely with what we have been arguing — the Audrie Pott case suffered a loss of evidence because of the lack of immediate action to investigation the sexual assault and death of a young teenage woman.

The Pott family, the community, and above all, Audrie Pott deserved better than this.  We all deserve better than a panicked rewriting of the story that the incumbent sheriff is trying to feed the public today as she runs against a competent and capable  challenger, Kevin Jensen.

I’m left wondering… STILL… where is the media on this?  Why have they continually failed to find these very public discrepancies during what should be a high profile sheriff’s race in Santa Clara County?

We recently saw the incumbent and her campaign manager, desperately attempt to spin this conversation into something about endorsements from the families of victims.  I think at this point, it’s very clear what this is about — about a 16 year incumbent who is more worried about her next term than she is about the safety of the public and willing to tell us whatever she thinks it is that we need to hear to cast a vote in her favor.

Please remember, we are voting in just over 24 hours on June 3rd.  Vote Kevin Jensen — vote for honesty and integrity.  Vote for a sheriff that is more worried about our public safety and not their public image.


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