Tired of the Lies and Manipulation of Facts

submitted by contributing author, Our Sheriff Should be Honest Once in Awhile

Well, well, well…..The incompetent Sheriff Laurie Smith makes another “fantastic” public statement. After watching the entire 1 hour video interview with the SJ Mercury News Editorial Board it was no surprise why they refused to endorse her and all but gave the nod to Kevin Jensen. The Sheriff’s interview was just like how she leads her department…….Deplorable! I am now convinced she is a pathological liar!!

She speaks proudly about how her department has disciplined over 50 Deputies and Correctional Deputies, but failed to provide any evidence of discipline to her upper echelon (don’t bother looking, cuz there isn’t any). She state’s the DSA has been hijacked by a small cabal of corrupt unethical individuals, but says she remains committed to work with these individuals for the good of the organization.

Laurie Smith continues to spew lie after lie during her hour-long ride down the rabbit hole. First off, she’s right about the “small cabal of corrupt unethical individuals” hijacking something, but it’s not the DSA or CPOA, it’s her own administration that fits THAT bill. She says she’s committed to working with the DSA & Deputies to fix what’s broken and she will continue to have her “Open Door Policy” in order to foster the free flow of information from the troops up into her gilded tower of leadership (ok, that last parts mine). PuuuuLeeeease! We all know that’s a one-way trip for anyone brave (dumb) enough to attempt it.

She refuses to participate in a debate because people are just gonna be mean to her…..boohoo!! I guess her 40+ years at the department has done nothing to thicken that skin of hers. She provides a quote in her letter to the Merc Board that I can only assume she thinks reflects her leadership style. The quote states, ““Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes.”

I’m hoping she just liked this quote. If she honestly believes it somehow correlates to HER leadership style…….Hardeeee Har Har!! “Effective Leadership is not about making speeches (uh-oh…..danger! She’s a horrible public speaker) or being liked (Oh no…..danger, danger!! She’s disliked by most and only received 12 votes of support from her office); leadership is defined by results not attributes (OMG…..hang on….Iceberg, dead-a-head!! It’s the SS Laurie Smith plunging the Sheriff’s Office into a failed organization!! Her list of results after 16 years in command……..I’m waiting…….

She try’s to throw some more wool over the public’s eyes by providing more quotes from real leaders from an article titled “Real Impacts of Low Morale”. She Thoughtfully provides the 5 impacts that are listed 1) Turnover, 2) Absenteeism, 3) Low Productivity, 4) Civil Liability, 5) Officer Suicide.

She then goes on to try to explain how her and her small cabal have during their many management meetings thoughtfully looked at each of these and have determined that they don’t apply to “Her” department cuz she has “Facts” on her side. Just like her idiotic statement re: current staffing levels where she’s confident we are only 25 Enforcement Deputies & 40 Correctional Deputies shy of fully staffed. Um….hello Sheriff?  Courts are down by 80+ positions alone, let alone the areas of patrol.

She goes on to cite how only 9 people have left the department to seek other employment. I’m not real sure of her math or her trusted cabals grasp of numbers but I know of a few who have left; Hncir, Crawley, Spurgeon, Andersen, Bromland, Young, Woods, Corona, Allen. That’s 9 people all right, but you forgot a few others…Bui, Lee, Aubray, Tiner, Wyman, Beebe ,Christ, Larson. You see Sheriff, with you running this ship into the ground it causes people to leave. Oh, I remembered a few more…..Troung, Orosczo, Paquire, Crivelo and Huang.

The Sheriff stands by her style of management and even stated, “The manner in which we have approached the Sheriff’s Office in terms of building morale and relationships will, most likely, continue to build a strong agency. Because we are a dynamic, ever-changing agency, we do have to continually assess what it is we are doing and has it been successful.”

If by “continually assessing” your style to see if it has been successful includes calling your own Deputies “Key-Stone Cops” and saying they are stupid and are misled by the DSA and only a small number (63%) voted against you, then maybe that’s why Deputies Costa, Tile-tile, Rigador, Martinez ,Larson, Temores, Pratt and Nay all decided to seek other employment. But hey, you gladly state your agency has achieved national recognition as an exemplary agency, but as usual, fail to provide specifics.

Maybe your total failure at your ability to inspire, shape, mold, encourage or in any way LEAD this department is why others such as Deputies Schlosser, Wayley, Banuelos, Dibert, Roberts, Duprell, Liddle, Armenta, Mendez, Crisenci, Gorshe and Bergstrom all had to get out of your wonderful department.

I know there are countless others who have left and 2-3 times as many that want to leave your Never-Neverland of nirvana you’ve created, but Sheriff, if this Department is your life’s work…….please, PLEASE…..move on to your next stage of life; retirement. Let a true leader take over and try to fix what it is you’ve broken.


4 thoughts on “Tired of the Lies and Manipulation of Facts

  1. …and those that bought air time / service credit / paid PERS to be able to retire sooner rather than stay…


  2. Brought up some names which brought up memories of good days. Some good deputies have left. A few of those guys would’ve been great promotions but didn’t like the laurie flavored Kool Aid.


  3. It’s not the Sheriff, Sung, add your own favorite name, it’s about the day to day organization. It’s about the Men and Woman who want to be led by someone who wants them to succeed. Make them want to come to work and strive to excel, with the support of your supervisors. Sadly, these days it’s more not wanting to get on anyone’s bad side by avoiding them at all cost.

    What kind of agency would want to demean, belittle and just plain boss around people?…The current Sheriff’s Office Administration.

    It’s time for a new set of ideals, morals, dedication, and the love of the job that Kevin Jensen brings.

    Vote on June 3 for change.


  4. I love the part about relationship building. Several Days ago Capt Sung commented, after the election, anyone that screws up will be hammered. That is not a direct quote but their was no confusion regarding his point. If Smith gets re-elected, her minions will be out for blood. How dare anyone speak badly about Sung or the chosen ones golden ticket.
    After Jensen is elected, let’s watch the Chmelians colors change!!!


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