Our Community Supports Our Deputies Choice

From the Mercury News, May 30, 2014: http://www.mercurynews.com/News/ci_25860023/May-30-Readers-letters:-Supporters-candidates

New face for county sheriff

We endorse Santa Clara County sheriff candidate Kevin Jensen for many reasons. First, our mountain home outside Los Gatos and our Back Road Ranch behind Mount Hamilton are both in areas patrolled my SCC sheriff officers. These officers need the leadership of someone they trust and respect, Kevin Jensen has that respect. Second, he has superb qualifications; he has grown in his public service as an officer, rising to the rank of captain. His education with a focus on leadership exemplifies his goal as a leader, not an administrator. He has strong family values and respects the officers he will lead and the public who entrust him to service. He understands our demographics and its diversity and does not try to abuse it but rather use it to better serve those he leads. We need a new face to lead our SCC sheriff organization.

John Kuntzmann

Los Gatos