Laurie Smith: An Example on How Women Shouldn’t Support Women

womenYes, it took some digging — literally shoving our incumbent out of the Google spotlight to eliminate all her claims, but our incumbent seems to be wearing a tarnished crown when she keeps claiming to be “the first woman sheriff of California.”  Even this is a lie, and a lie built on manipulations and at the expense of another woman’s success, no less.

We’ve said often, Sheriff Laurie Smith doesn’t support women in law enforcement or in her office in general.  This is clear evidence that not only does she not support women, she supports no one other than herself.

Is there anything our incumbent is honest about?  Is there anything that the media questions her on?

Virginia Vaughn Black was elected into the office of Sheriff for the Yuba County Department of the Sheriff on June 5, 1998.  This was 5 months before our less than gracious incumbent won her run-off election in November of 1998.  There is little more distasteful than a poor winner, and that’s what our Laurie became on December 15, 1998.

Virginia is literally listed as an “also claimed” so hard has our incumbent lobbied to get her name in the public eye on this point, despite being the first woman to win an election to become Sheriff here in our state.

So how did Virginia disappear into obscurity?  Our Sheriff kicked her down the stairs.  Not literally of course, but figuratively.  Rather than share a recognized accomplishment… with another woman, no less… our Laurie manipulated the situation to her benefit.  She convinced Sheriff Gillingham to step down a month early and rather than sharing the honor in January with some one else, she ensured she was sworn in on December 15, 1998 as, “The first female sheriff of California.”

I guess this is how women support “all” women in Silicon Valley.  It explains a lot about what I’ve watched go on during this election.

Sheriff Black graciously announced as early as October 2005 that she had no intention to run in 2006.  She endorsed her then Under Sheriff in the 2006 election, who today remains the Yuba County Sheriff.  She had told voters from the outset she only intended to stay for 2 terms, and that’s what she did.  She did run for another election position in 2006.

And what did we get?  We got the leadership of someone who couldn’t even share a spotlight, never mind give it to someone who probably had a more rightful claim.

That should tell you something about how well she gets along with others whom she perceives may know more than she does about virtually any subject you can come up with.  It explains why she has loaded her ranks from lieutenants on up with henchman who do her bidding without question or bobble heads who simply don’t have the intellectual curiosity or interest to determine right from wrong as long as they get theirs in return.

From day one, it explains where this administration was heading and why we need a new sheriff in office come this next January… or maybe Sheriff Laurie will graciously step down rather than destroy the ranks in her last 6 months after she loses.  Can we hope?


3 thoughts on “Laurie Smith: An Example on How Women Shouldn’t Support Women

  1. Technically when Chuck Gillingham retired a month early, Smith was appointed Interim Sheriff by the Board of Supervisors to fulfill the remainder of his term. She was sworn in as the Sheriff on January 4, 1999, the same day as Sheriff Black in Yuba County.

    Smith’s claim as the first female Sheriff in the state is true but clouds the reality that Black was elected first and both took office on the same day. To merely cloud the truth but not outright lie is an improvement for Smith considering how many real lies she tells.

    By the way, by retiring in December rather than on January 4, Gillingham qualified the COLA raise one year earlier.


  2. The Sheriff will gladly destroy the Sheriff’s office after she loses. If she cared about the agency, she would have walked away when she discovered she only had 12 supporters and they were the minions within her upper echelon.
    She displayed no class when she took office and she will display no class when she leaves.


    • She’ll try to burn the office down when she loses but we have two things going for us…

      Probationary periods and the light at the end of the tunnel. Oh yeah, and the massive boost to the office morale knowing that her time is near and there is nothing she can do to stop it.

      It will be 6 months of hard time, but we can survive 6 months. Another 4 years? She may be the only thing left standing at the end of it — and she thinks that will buy her a 6th term from the rumors I’m hearing. The woman’s ego knows no bounds… and as you point out, no class.


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