Libel Isn’t “Clean” Campaigning

The above is a screen shot from our incumbent’s Facebook page showing the heinous lies about Kevin Jensen being perpetrated by our public officials and the support they’re getting from our incumbent and her team. (Click through on the image to the full blog post to see Mrs. Jensen’s response to this offensive and inaccurate claim against her husband.)

Ms. Stegeman also claims misogynistic attacks by Kevin and the campaign and makes what appears to be an anti-gay slur towars those supporting Mr. Jensen.

Ms. Stegeman also claims misogynistic attacks by Kevin and the campaign and makes what appears to be an anti-gay slur towars those supporting Mr. Jensen.
This is “integrity” folks.


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  1. I think the IA of the school district should investigate Wendy Stegeman for her very inappropriate comments. The outright lies and anti-gay comment. She obvisiouly has never met Captain Kevin Jensen because she would have never said those things…

    Kevin Jensen for Sheriff 2014


  2. Wow! This is shocking Casey. I understand that supporters can get passionate about advocating for their desired candidate, however, the comments made by Wendy Stegeman, who is a teacher, and a member of the East Side Teachers Association are shameful, untrue, and beyond libelous. Isn’t allowing these kinds of derogatory and libelous comments to remain on the Sheriff’s Facebook a violation of campaign laws?

    Further, to accuse Kevin Jensen of wanting “to go down to guard the border and shoot folks coming over,” is not just liable, it is horrific, especially since Kevin’s wife is Hispanic! Further, to see Rich Robinson “LIKE,” the comment shows us exactly who he is, and his hypocrisy in fair campaigning!

    Given this behavior, I’m beginning to wonder who approached the Pott family to do this article in the first place, what the connections between these parties are, and whether or not we’ll see another article, TV commercial, or interview from this grieving family against Kevin Jensen and his supporters.

    Once again, I strongly believe that families like the Pott family should never be re-victimized by dragging them into political campaigns, and any one running for office should be ashamed of themselves for doing so.

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  3. This is no surprise. Smith’s followers are just like her. Say anything, knowingly lie, spread misinformation. The end always justify the means.
    Win or lose the election, the The Sheriff will always be recognized as a mean spirited, dishonest, and arrogant human being. Unfortunently after she loses this election, the S.O. Will have her legacy for several years with promotees exactly like her!!!!

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    • Larry, she didn’t post it on the incumbent’s page, even if she had, you’re right, it would have been removed like any other differing opinion posted to her page. You can find Mrs. Jensen’s rebbuttal on our FB page (Time to Change the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office).

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  4. We need to all write the East Side Teacher’s Association and ask if this is the type of behavior and character they like representing their organization in public, making hugely false and vile accusations of a 28 year Retired Captain and FBI – Past President.. – Marisa Hansen

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  5. It’s one persons opinion. My father had a saying, he said opinions are like ASSH—S, everyone has one. I’m glad she has fond memories of her time in the 80’s. Ms. Stegeman, ask people in 2014. Things change and they are not for the good. Ask a Deputy, they know the truth.

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  6. It is an OUTRAGE! Laurie and her friends sink to record lows. But on the other hand she did save a lot of money in the jails… by gutting staffing to all time lows. Do more with less, if you can’t, fake it. Long as it looks good on quarterly reports.

    It is time for Sheriff Kevin Jensen. Vote June 3rd!

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