It’s only dirty or unethical when it’s not me

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The Phantom Returns

Recently, Sheriff Laurie and her political consoler Rich Robinson convinced Larry Pott to wade into the stormy political waters of the Sheriff’s Race. The Phantom heard it took some convincing to finally get Larry Pott to get involved.

Since the flyer is cited as the cause of this new anger, let’s take a critical look and actually read the flyer instead of spinning it like Rich always does. (by the way Rich, thanks for the free advertising on SJI).

The flyer reads “When will the voters finally say enough is enough of Laurie Smith?”

It then goes to point out three failed cases under Sheriff Laurie’s command.
1) DeAnza – Failure to take the case serious and deploy sufficient investigative resources. (more on this one in another post)
2) Audrie Pott – Delay in investigation leading to lost evidence and some suspects never being brought before the court.
3) Aldon…

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  1. Thanks for spreading the word, but there’s a helluva lot more the voters need to know. In my search I found more your eaders would find interesting -http://www.the-ugly-truth-about-Laurie-Smith!

    Keep it going!


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