Incumbent Desperate to Change the Dialogue

The incumbent’s camp is desperate to change the dialogue about the failed investigations in the office.  They put their favorite current tool, Jennifer Wadsworth of SJI, out to do their dirty work yet again with half-baked stories and lazy reporting where she fails to even attempt to contact any party other than the one hand feeding her the story.

Rather than trying to find out how the sheriff’s incumbent and her closest administrative personnel have failed so many young women and put our county at risk by trying to write off a potential terror attack as “vandalism” and then lie to the public and to a congress member about it in an effort to cover their failure, they want to try to twist the conversation to something it isn’t by using the pain of a victim’s family.

Don’t be fooled. This conversation is not about a family’s endorsements and whether they gave them or not.  It is about how the sheriff and her upper administration made poor judgement calls in regards to investigations time and again.  It is from the people who work in that office every day; from people who’s job it is to know how an investigation into rape, sexual assault, cyber-bullying and other crimes should be handled.  People who know for a fact these cases, all of them, not just the Pott case, were not handled correctly.

These people want you to believe that we’re attempting to co-opt endorsements through lies about these investigations. If I’m lying, let’s start with the fact that the S/O told Rolling Stone Magazine that they delayed the investigation. If I’m lying about a captain delaying and then sending in an SRO to write citations rather than conduct an investigation into sexual assault and bullying, then ask where are the personnel involved in the investigation saying it never happened?

I don’t expect, and I’m pretty sure none in the DSA, CPOA or Kevin Jensen’s various camps don’t expect the endorsement of any of these families. Nor am I going to stand here and tear any family down for what they choose to say in this election, like I’m sure the incumbent is hoping I will do.  The family is certainly entitled to their opinions on what did or did not happen.  I’m addressing the opinions and professional observations of the people who actually were involved in handling the case as it unfolded.  Nothing more, nothing less.

At the same time, I am not going to let the conversation be changed from the fact that we have a failed leadership who is more worried about money than missing girls, girls that have been sexually assaulted, cyber-bullied and sexually trafficked.

We have a failed administration where we have seen the proof of their attempt to cover up what happened in the Metcalf substation attack.

We have a failed administration that has been running from these stories since De Anza and it’s about time they started to catch up and we as responsible voters took the accusations serious enough to investigate.

There incumbent would love you to believe, like she was able to convince you last time, that this is all about a small group of disgruntled employees that has “hijacked” the unions. To be bluntly honest, there is one person she has disciplined, and from everything I hear, it was little more than her seeking revenge on some one for not getting her way, violating the deputies rights, possibly even violating the law in the manner she had her personnel go about the investigations.

She tries to pass off over 220 DSA members voting to support Kevin Jensen as a “small cabal” that is attempting a coupe against her in the office, as if her position is a life-time appointment and not an elected position subject to voter review every four years.

She calls out our arguments and points as lies, but she has yet in all these months been able to provide a single shred of evidence that we have told anything less than the truth. Do you not think that if we were lying, they would bury us under a mountain of evidence that shows we’re wrong?

All the accusations about the financial issues from asset forfeiture to academy funding to the accusations of mismanagement of funding for RATTF — if I’m lying, where’s her proof? If her administration didn’t intentionally mismanage all those investigations, where are the deputies that were involved stepping up to defend her? There are none.

So when no one in the office is willing to lie to protect her ineptitude any longer she resorts to going to the Pott family and dragging them into this with claims we’re trying to pretend they’ve given Kevin their endorsement in a desperate bid to change the conversation to something dirty and offensive.

Do not let it happen. If we’re lying, bring us the proof, not your hyperbolic claims, not your attempts to twist the conversation to something it’s not hoping people will forget because you distracted them with your claims.

We will not be distracted from our position.  It is valid, is truthful, and the people have a right to know their public safety is not being addressed in the professional, well-reasoned manner they would expect.


5 thoughts on “Incumbent Desperate to Change the Dialogue

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  2. Oh Laurie. You have seen the light and the polls. Your empire is slipping away. You only have yourself to blame. You don’t know everything. Just because you are the sheriff doesn’t make you right. It all went to your head a long time ago. The union wasn’t hijacked it simply stopped being your tool. The political players are gone from the DSA board. You can’t buy the board anymore with promises, promotions and favors. All the lies and corruption have caught up to you. Yes I said corruption. You are corrupt, dishonest, incompetent and a very bad sheriff. It’s time to go do something else. The emperor has no clothes.


  3. I don’t believe for a minute that Kevin Jensen would take or fake an endorsement from anyone. I’m truly sorry the Potts family was forced into any situation where they had to suffer again.

    Those of us who support him, know his character and moral beliefs and view him as the candidate needed to restore the professionalism to the Sheriff’s Office.

    The Potts case was poorly handled and the residents of Santa Clara county deserve better, they deserve a Sheriff who responds to crime in a swift and professional manner.

    Kevin didn’t buy the DSA or CPOA’s endorsement, they backed the candidate that they feel will lead them forward, with the respect and dignity missing from the current administration.


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