Bought and Sold — the Ethics of Endorsements Bites Back

Back on March 27, Jennifer Wadsworth of San Jose Inside launched an ugly little piece against Kevin Jensen that was without basis.  Jennifer, correlation doesn’t assume causation and there are two sides to every story, some times more.  You should look into that sometime if you want to regain your credibility has some one with a skill set in journalism.  I did reach out to the CPOA and DSA and it was confirmed you have not reached out to them to get a statement or information on your stories.  Why?  Is balanced journalism something you’re afraid of?  You enter this career to mislead your reading public?  How honorable.

Jennifer openly accused Jensen of allowing the DSA/CPOA to purchase an endorsement for him to the tune of $2500.  In actuality, the “purchase” was for a table for a fundraising event for Crime Victims United that had nothing to do with their endorsement process.

The accusation so outraged CVU founder, Harriet Solarno, that she appeared with the DSA, CPOA, Search for Sierra Lamar Organization and a representative for Marc Klaas to re-affirm her endorsement and the reasons behind that endorsement.

Funny, Jennifer nor any other SJI representatives (I won’t call them journalists or writers at this point) appeared to cover this converse point.  But then, if the incumbent loses, Dan Pulcrano won’t get to play on the range anymore either, so who can blame them for protecting their own “interests” over at SJI.

In that same blog post, Jennifer went on to attack Rose Herrara and Johnny Khamis for purchasing an “endorsement” in the COPS Voter Guide in their 2012 bids for City Council seats.  Jennifer failed to go back an election cycle or two and note that the incumbent Sheriff has purchased that same endorsement in the past as well.

Earlier this week, the person who purchases endorsements became clear.  The incumbent sheriff is so desperate for any kind of law enforcement endorsement  to provide some level of credibility to the job she’s done that she actually went out again, even while her side attacks others for this, and bought a fake “endorsement.”

10346290_714612001928648_8769916917506396844_nYes, that same guide that SJI has bashed in any number of blog posts on their site, like this one, How to Buy Public Safety Support.

Ironic?  Yes.  Even more ironic in that apparently she couldn’t afford to pay for the endorsement either.  On May 12th, the incumbent was forced to loan herself $40,000 to pay for her campaign.

Another little chuckle in regards to the COPS Voter Guide, if you look closely you can spot Robinson Communications other client trying to buy public safety credibility too.

A fitting soup of Karma for a candidate who wrote a letter demeaning her last opponent for lending their campaign money and telling the DSA they were already “damaged” and she was in a “politically powerful position.”  How far we must fall when we must resort to doing the things that you publicly demean others for.

She has virtually no law enforcement endorsements other than those she’s bought and sold with illegal promises of special assignments and promotions.  No agency, organization or group has stepped forward to lend her their credibility, so Laurie went out and did what she does best — bought an endorsement — because after all an ounce of image is worth a pound of performance.  Who needs real credibility when you can fool everyone with a simple purchase.

Jennifer goes on to attack Kevin for some FPPC filing issues several times.  Minor issues, a couple of things on the wrong line, quickly and easily corrected… a first timer’s mistakes.  No big deal, clearly no attempt to conceal anything from anyone.  You don’t believe me, go look for yourself on the county filing system.  Ms. Wadsworth slacked on the job and didn’t bother to go look herself so she could keep her readers well-informed.

She also attacked the DSA for a FPPC filing, actually misreporting that numerous filings were never made by the DSA when they were.  Yes, there were a couple of corrections that needed to be filed, but again, like Kevin’s they turned out to be minor.  No correction from SJI, yet again.  Kind of a trend with these folks, isn’t it?

The latest bit in yet another hack job of a post, Jennifer again gets her facts wrong, claiming that the DSA members “posted” a sign on an overpass. An action that never happened as that would be illegal.  She then claims that same sign caused a 40 minute traffic jam.  Never mind that one would have to completely suspend their sense of reality to buy a sign on an overpass could cause a 40 minute traffic jam, but again, if Jennifer did her job, a very simple records check shows there was an accident a bit further down that was the real cause of the 40 minute traffic jam.  You tell me, which do you find the more realistic scenario.  Drivers so addled by a sign on an overpass they couldn’t drive, literally, grid-locking traffic, or there was an accident, emergency vehicles and all shortly down the road?

They know at this point that voter ignorance and apathy is the only chance the incumbent has to win this race.  They, as our “media,” have shown they are willing to keep you ignorant and misinformed to benefit a single candidate rather than provide fair and accurate coverage.

While we’re here talking about what is and isn’t being reported, our incumbent sheriff has another dirty little financial secret she doesn’t want you to know and SJI and Jennifer Wadsworth certainly aren’t going to report on.

There is an FPPC filing targeting our incumbent sheriff’s 2010 campaign finances.  We know the document was filed, as we’ve seen some of the corrected documents the incumbent has filed covering last election as a result of the complaint.  But that’s the little stuff.  I’ve been told there is a question as to where approximately $9,800 of the incumbent’s campaign contributions have disappeared too.  The incumbent took that money in excess of the primary donations.  Something she is allowed to do if there is a belief there might be a run-off election; in the event of a run off election the funds are immediately available.  There was no run off election.

Since there was no run-off,  the money should have either been returned or been turned into an officeholders account and put on record .  The money isn’t accounted for and her ensuing filings don’t quite match up.  Go ahead, it’s all public record.  Jennifer won’t look for you, so you’ll have to do it yourself.

We know the incumbent is in desperate straits.  We know that her ex-husband has been endlessly hounding his friends to give, give, give… trying every desperate ploys  from URGENT in the subject line to “they’re lying about Laurie” without any actual evidence anyone has lied about our incumbent.

Oh, and the sheriff’s “sorry we’ve lost this round” party will again be funded by Gordon Biersch… the same people who brought you the first and the last “Deputy’s Appreciation Night” where the incumbent had the audacity to invited political guests, make her candidacy announcement and collect donations all for free under the guise of appreciating her deputies — and not list any of it on her FPPC papers.

So my question to you…

Are we going to be silenced?
Are we going to allow the media to promote forced ignorance to protect themselves and a poor incumbent?
Are we going to get out there and shout from the rooftops the truth that voters need to know?

No more, “we can’t report because….”
No more half stories..
No more excuses allowed.

More on this tomorrow…

Oh and while I was taking a much needed break from this unpaid burden of love, Kevin got more endorsements from a law enforcement organizations — he’s one of only 3 sheriff’s candidates to every get this endorsement.



8 thoughts on “Bought and Sold — the Ethics of Endorsements Bites Back

  1. As some may know, I am the President of the CPOA and I am Co-Chair of our joint DSA/CPOA PAC. Jennifer Wadsworth did not contact the CPOA nor the PAC prior to running her half-truth, one sided story. I also have it on good authority she failed to contact the DSA or Jim Freeman, the PAC’s Political Consultant.

    Miss Wadsworth, I want to believe you intend to write fairly and portray the facts accurately. However, only getting one side of the story and running with that without seeking comment from the other side is grossly inadequate. Perhaps it is youth, perhaps it is naiveté, perhaps your handlers simply told you to do damage control for an incumbent that has lost touch with her rank and file as well as the general public. No matter the reason, you are wrong for not seeking and portraying the truth.

    On a separate note…

    Over the past few weekends we have seen an up tick in our precinct walking volunteers. This has been extremely beneficial and rewarding as is it apparent that those we contact become supports of Kevin Jensen and agree that change is desperately needed at the Sheriff’s Office. Our grassroots campaign continues this weekend with outreach in the Cambrian /Willow Glen area.

    We have deceided to meet once again at the Starbucks Coffee House located at 1445 Foxworthy Avenue. We will meet at 9:30 AM. Wear your Kevin Jensen gear (if you have it), some comfortable shoes and dress appropriately for the weather.

    As we near Election Day, our efforts to educate the community about Kevin Jensen is becoming increasingly more important. Let’s keep pushing, after all, anything worth while takes effort.

    In solidarity-
    Lance Scimeca


  2. This was on laurie smiths page today.
    These are the words of a “Leader”???
    Sad situation we are in.
    You can make a change for the better and never have to suffer these indignities again.

    VOTE KEVIN JENSEN FOR SHERIFF 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sheriff Laurie Smith
    6 hours ago · Edited
    The Daily Fetch 5.21.14:

    SJ Inside’s Jen Wadsworth pulls out a can of whoop-ass and sprays down the County Deputy Sheriff’s Association and the Jail Guards who make up the Kevin Jensen campaign brain-trust…whatever numskull is advising them, thought it was good idea to spread lies about County Sheriff Laurie Smith and attribute those lies to the parents of Saratoga’s Audrie Pott, who tragically took her own life after being sexually assaulted by classmates.


  3. Citizens of the county,

    When you call because someone is hurting you or your family, we set our own safety aside and we put it all on the line to make sure you get out of that situation. We gladly do it without asking for anything in return. We are good people asking for a new sheriff so we can do our jobs better. The sheriff doesn’t control our pay or our benefits. What she does control is our ability to have proper training and equipment and resources to serve the citizens of this county. The people of this county are not getting the best they can get and what they deserve. Vote Kevin Jensen for Sheriff!!!


  4. The Sheriff’s new campaign motto: “Do as I say, Not as I do”
    Judging from the list of her administration failures posted several days ago, she has truly promoted staff reflective of her own beliefs.
    The bogus stories and lack of correct information in the SJI articles are reflective of her management style. Say “whatever works” and maybe somebody will believe it.
    Push hard these last couple of weeks. Kevin Jensen for Sheriff.


  5. Deception again? Really from the person who is supposed to be above reproach? When will we learn the truth about Smith?

    90% of the DSA and 100% of the CPOA have asked the voters for change. Local law enforcement has asked for change. PORAC has asked for change. Past Chiefs of Police have asked for change. Victims groups have asked for change.

    Santa Clara County needs change.

    Now is the time for the voters to say enough is enough and do away with the deception. A bought and paid for political mailer that is deception at it’s best. Laurie lets try and be honest here for once. LAW ENFORCEMENT DOES NOT SUPPORT YOU.



  6. Casey, in response to your question, “Are we going to be silenced?” the answer should be a resounding……F#€K NO!!

    Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion and the freedom to express it. Others may not agree with your opinion but it’s a disgrace when they try and silence it, I don’t care who tries it, it’s still wrong!!

    Welcome back CT!!!

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  7. Welcome back Casey. Interesting tidbit of information on the irresponsible journalism practiced by the SJI. As for being a writer, kids with crayons are also writers.

    If you have to buy your spot in a mailer then obviously it should be clearly noted on the flier. That COPS brochure is just like the ads stuffed in the daily news papers. Bought and paid for by the candidate. COPS has no members, how big and powerful they must be. Had Kevin Jensen BOUGHT a COPS endorsement he would have been roundly criticized and bashed in the media. The Sheriff does and it’s ok.

    As for the SJI, perhaps they should really dig into a story, not embellish half truths and complete fabrications.

    Go talk to Kevin Jensen, he is honest, hardworking and a man dedicated to bring the Sheriff’s Office back to a prestigious position in Law Enforcement. Not the Keystone kops the Sheriff so lovingly calls her employee’s.

    Kevin’s endorsements are real, hard working men and woman who put a uniform everyday and go to work. Not politicians, and people isolated from what REAL cops do. That is why 90% or more of the Law Enforcement officers in the county support Kevin.

    Let them say what they want, make up stories and such, but those in the know, know it’s time for a change.

    That change is Kevin Jensen. Vote June 3.

    Glad your back CT.


  8. When the “COPS” flyer came into several friends maiboxes they asked me “Why are “COPS” backing the incumbent?” As I saw the little asterisk and showed them that in fact each person with an asterisk had PAID for the “backing” they responded back……..

    “You mean to tell me she is backing herself!!!” Yes, that is it EXACTLY!!!

    How unfortunate that a person must pay thier way to try to get endorsments, What the truth tells on this issue is we have a VERY worried incumbent and that no matter what is proper (Retirement OBVIOUSLY) the entire county will continue to be mislead by the current in office person.

    Make sure to get out and place signs..It is pretty easy talk to a person and explain what the is really happening. Ask them to vote for Kevin Jensen for Sheriff. With almost ALL employees except for those hoping for or already getting a promotion from the current administration backing Kevin we CAN do this!


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