Law Enforcement Leaders from Around the County Endorse Kevin Jensen


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Group Backs Kevin Jensen for Sheriff of Santa Clara County

Voters will determine the future of public safety in Santa Clara County on Tuesday, June 3. A
Group of law enforcement professionals average 30 years each with law enforcement
experience, most of which has been within this county, feels that it is time to restore
leadership, integrity, transparency, interagency cooperation and collaboration to the Office of
the Sheriff.

We therefore endorse Kevin Jensen for Sheriff.  Under Jensen’s leadership, the Sheriff’s Office
will regain its reputation for inclusiveness, openness, fairness, and teamwork.

He is [a] highly respected law enforcement professional within the county and throughout the
state.  He has demonstrated continuous leadership throughtout his 28 years with the Sheriff’s
Office with assignments in the courts, jail, patrol, traffic, community services and

His positive interaction with local law enforcement agencies and his ability to work very well
with others in the prevention and reduction of crime will enhance the public safety.  His
integrtiy is without reproach.  He galvanizes and works with many different segments of the
community to actually solve issues, improving the respect of all citizens.

All of us have worked with Sheriff Smith in one capacity or annother over the years and have
seen first hand how she operates.

*MISMANAGING CASES: We believe that Sheriff Smith has mismanaged a number of high-
profile cases including, but not limited to, the tragic Audrie Pott sexual assault, cyber-
bullying, and suicide case; the Sierra LaMar kidnapping investigation and the PG&E substation
attack.  Her actions, or lack thereof, not only hampered investigations, but also probably have
had a negative effect on the outcomes.

Additionally, San Francisco 49er Aldon Smith’s case serves as a very clear example of how she
puts the welfare of significant campaign donors,, public figures, and members of the Sheriff’s
Advisory Board before the law and the best interestes of the public.

*FAILING TO COOPERATE WITH OTHER AGENCIES: All law enfrocement agencies must
collaborate and work together in today’s world.  Smith seldom participates in inter-agency
programs if she does not get he way nnor has she shown much inclination for compromise.
She uses budgetary constraints as her excuse for pulling Sheriff’s personnel out of inter-
agency task forces, yet she has provided privileges such as helicopter rides and fireamrs
training at the County’s firing range to her friends, public figures and campaign donors at
county expense.

spent thousands of taxpayers’ dollars to send he staff to training all over California and
elsewhere because she does not want to send them to the Regional Public Safety Trainning
Academy in San Jose.

This academy, which is certified by the California Police Offiers Standards and Training
Commission, provides in-service and recruit training to numerous other law enforcement
agencies in the area.

The Sheriff’s academy also provides recruit training. It is apparent that Smith believes that the
South Bay Academy competes with the Sheriff’s Academy and as a result, she has spent extra
dollars on lodging, transportation and meals to send her staff to other parts of California

*MANAGING DEPUTIES BY FEAR AND INTIMIDATION: We are very concerned about the men
and women of the Sheriff’s Office.  They work tirelessly every day, putting them in harm’s way
to protect the public. It is jut not right for them to have to work under a sheriff who operates
with fear and intimidation and who continuall says or does things that do nothing but
demoralize them.

When over 90% of the Sheriff’s Office employees voiced support for Kevin Jensen, it
was the first time in almost 35 years that employees did not back the incumbent. Not only did
Smith refer to them as “Keystone Cops,” she also blamed the Deputy Sheriff’s Association for
manipulating her staff rather than accept the fact that members of her department are
desperately seeking new leadership and a fresh vision for the future.

What is even more indicative of her response to those who speak out against her is that the
vote of the employees, unless in previous years, was done by secret ballot because her staff
knew from experience the retribution that would certainly result if Sheriff Smith found out
who did not vote to support her.

We encourage the members of the community who want a Sheriff they can be proud of to
vote for Kevin Jensen on June 3.

Tom Brewer, retired Chief of Investigations, Santa Clara County
District Attorney’s office and San Jose Police Department
Lacey Burt, retired Menlo Park Police Commander
Lucy Carlton, retired Los Altos Police Chief
John Costa, retired Palo Alto Police Sergeant
Bruce Cuming, retired Morgan Hill Police Chief
Steve Cushing, retired Undersheriff Santa Clara County
Ed Flores, retired Chief of Department of Corrections, Santa Clara County
Alan Forrest, retired Los Gatos/Monte Sereno Police Commander
Dennis Graham, retired Milpitas Police Chief
Lynne Johnson, reitred Palo Also Police Chief
Kathy McKenna, retired Palo Alto Police Captain
Tim Morgan, retired Palo Alto Police Lieutenant
Cathy Wayne, retired CHP Commander San Jose Area Command



Visit Kevin Jensen’s campaign page to learn more of his vision for the communities of Santa Clara County