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It seems that some voters out there are being forced by the lack of media coverage to make decisions without the opportunity to hear Kevin Jensen.  I know, it’s hard to believe, in this day and age of the internet and all the information that Kevin Jensen has put out about his positions — from creating volunteer programs, to working with other agencies, to accountability programs and beyond — that some remain ignorant of Kevin‘s plans for the future of public safety in our county.

But have faith, the good news is that ignorance IS solvable.  We are all ignorant about some things until we are educated about the facts.  This is the job we took on when we endorsed and supported Kevin, to reach as many people as possible and enlighten them to the specifics of Kevin Jensen‘s vision.  We never said it would be easy, we never said it wouldn’t take work.

I am posting an example of someone who wrote a letter to the Mercury News and appears to believe Kevin Jensen has no plans or ideas for when he wins office.  I am asking you to respond to the Mercury News and have your voice heard. Be polite, be factual, be concise and represent the specific points of Kevin’s plans that you support and want to see implemented when he takes office next January.

Help people understand the Kevin Jensen does have  a plan, does have experience and has proven leadership qualities that we have been able to see in a side-by-side situation with the incumbent.  A comparison in which he has excelled.

You can be heard in the following ways:

email: (no attachments, type your letter in the body of your email)
mail:     750 Ridder Park Drive, San Jose, CA 95190
FAX:     408-271-3792
Phone: 408-920-5572


If the Mercury News won’t cover the race so people can be educated about the candidates, we’ll find a way to do it ourselves!

You can also respond to the letter here, but please do not let this be a substitute for submitting your own letter to the Mercury News.  The audience for comments is very limited in comparison.


3 thoughts on “Please Respond

  1. Good to hear. People need to know why Kevin Jensen is supported by the rank and file. It’s not about money, stock options, bonus’s, we are a public agency who support change, plain and simple. It’s not about disgruntled people, it’s about leadership styles, trust and someone you would take a bullet for. We are a brotherhood/sisterhood of professionals, decision makers, and entrusted with the ultimate authority. None of us take this lightly, our job is often our life, it defines who were are, how we behave, and I want the one at the top worthy of that title. Someone with morals, good communication skills, one who makes this department the BEST it can be.

    After 40+ years with the Office and 16 as Sheriff, she has worked hard, taken on a difficult task and served the people of Santa Clara County well. But, serious changes are needed and they start at the top. If everyone but those on your own floor don’t trust or respect you then something is terribly wrong.

    Leadership changes within the last few years have thrown the Department into a tailspin of unqualified people being placed into positions of authority. In some cases it might work out, in this case, sadly it has not. Our current admin staff are young, some very 10-8, others have no business in Law Enforcement and others willing to listen and learn, not strut around like peacocks. We are servants of the people, not some high tech place that everything hinges on stock ops, cubicle sizes and being liked by your boss.

    I want to respect those in authority, but most times, I respect the rank, not the nametag attached.

    Kevin Jensen has worked his way up the ladder, became Asst Director of the DOC, came back and saw how far things had fallen. He isn’t running to waste time and money, he is running to restore the shine on our badges. This isn’t his first rodeo, he has been associated with the Department since 1985 and people still like him.

    That say’s it all. Vote Kevin Jensen for Sheriff.


  2. A huge congratulations!! In todays San Jose Mercury News, not only a letter to the editor by Steve Ferdin and Scott Castruita (of Fugitive Watch Productions) but also an article that starts on the front page of the State/Local section too. Lets hope a SJ Merc endorsement will come very soon, as the absentee ballots were delivered early this week.

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