Reach Out to Friends and Family, Ask Them to Vote Jensen

Submitted contributing author, Brian Washburn

I did not write the below letter.  A co-worker of mine wrote it and I could not express the sentiment any better, so I’ve borrowed it and I hope they don’t mind.  I won’t name names, I will leave the right to step forward to the person themselves. That said, I thought this should be shared far and wide.

I have always found Kevin to be someone who considers others before himself.  If I could vote in Santa Clara County, I would vote for Kevin Jensen.

I would like to thank the author, because I have sent this email to all of my friends in Santa Clara county.  For all the deputies and families who read this blog, please cut and paste this letter and sent it to all your friends and family members who live in the county and ask them to send it to theirs.

Unfortunately I am on the east coast now, but if I were there I would be walking precincts every night after work like I had been doing for the past month.  This is the least I can do from where I am.  Please, send this letter out on your social media, your email, let people know; and with only three weeks left, if can walk precincts, please get out there and do so… every person we reach is another vote for Kevin Jensen.

To all my law enforcement friends, you need no more convincing. This is meant for those who have no connection to law enforcement and like most people don’t know much about local law enforcement.

The upcoming election for Sheriff in Santa Clara County is not political. For those lucky enough to know Kevin Jensen, you know his reputation matches who he really is.

People who don’t know him may think what he says, he says for political favor. Sadly, I think too many political scandals and corruption have jaded our opinion that anyone who runs for office is never as good as they seem.

This is the quandary of The Office of the Sheriff. It’s the one office that should be run by someone with no political agenda, no favors to fulfill and no selfish intentions. The Sheriff’s Office is the standard of law enforcement in the county and should be synonymous with fair and equitable treatment for all…blind to all other influences.

Politicians have a leg up on winning. They have focus groups, political strategies, manipulation and other tested methods to get votes.

Kevin Jensen is not a politician. He is something far better. He is a great cop, a wonderful leader and one of the best men I have ever met. He stands for integrity, honesty and fairness.

I urge all my friends and family, be thoughtful in this upcoming election. Talk with your friends and family. Try to convince them that it’s worth 5 minutes of their time on Election Day to go to the voting booths and fill out a ballot. Convince them that this is the election they make the most difference in our day to day life.

Come June, let us all say we put our best foot forward and be proud of our efforts to vote a man of integrity into a position to make a difference in all of our lives.