Get Your Vote Out, Check Your Postage!

I am writing to ask you for your assistance in reaching out to the community regarding absentee ballots. Many voters are putting incorrect postage on their ballots and mailing them in. While I understand from Rosemarie Reclusado and Joan, at the Registrar of Voters that the Post Office is supposed to deliver ballots to them no matter what the postage is, and that they are to be delivered even if voters don’t put a stamp on their ballot, that is not being done in all cases.

I was also informed that the County will cover the lack of postage which seems like a waste of tax payer money, when visible instructions on the envelope itself would resolve the issue. (I understand that the Registrar of Voters will be calling the Post Office to remind them to deliver ballots regardless of postage.)

Further, there is NOTHING on the return envelope telling voters what the postage requirements are. They need to put something visible on the front where the stamp goes informing voters of postage requirements instead of putting an insert in with the ballots. Voters are overwhelmed with the amount of literature they receive and don’t read everything! There needs to be simple ways to streamline this process.

Many voters on my Facebook are complaining that they got their ballot back due to insufficient postage. This deeply concerns me given that people tend to vote at the last moment, and then leave for vacation. Or they get frustrated with the process and don’t follow through on getting their ballot in because it requires them to go to their polling place, or deliver their ballot directly to the Registrar of Voter’s Office.

Joan from the Registrar of Voter’s Office has agreed to email me the insert with directions on it, so I can post it on our MLK Facebook alerting voters, but we can’t do this alone. We need your help.

PLEASE help us get the word out because it is already difficult enough to get people to vote as it is.

Thank you for your kind consideration of my request.

Kathleen Flynn
President of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Association of Santa Clara Valley

PS from Casey – as an additional point to this letter, if you do not get your mail in ballot in the mail on time or it is returned to you before voting day, YOU CAN STILL VOTE.  Drop your ballot at a polling place in the county, the registrar’s office or any location listed by the county. Don’t silence your own voice.


4 thoughts on “Get Your Vote Out, Check Your Postage!

  1. For Santa Clara County the recommended postage is $.70 cents that is TWO STAMPS for Kevin Jensen.

    Let’s all double stamp for Kevin!!!!!


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