The Incumbent’s “Clean House”

Submitted by contributing author, It’s Not Us, It’s You

This is in response to the recent CT blog: She Refuses to Talk to You Until HE Apologizes and the video released by the incumbent’s campaign implying the members of the DSA are dirty and misled.

Laurie, all of us here at the Sheriff’s Office are so sorry we hurt your feelings. You’d think a woman of your “vast experience” and time as a cop would have toughened that skin of yours. Your right though, apologies should be given. You’ll receive yours for the supposed insults right after we receive ours. The crooked cops are not in the ranks of the DSA, they’re in your administration.  They, as well as you, are the reason we’re fighting for new leadership, because we are not misled and we are not crooked and we don’t want to work for an administration that is.   We understand that we have rotten apples amongst us and that people not qualified need to be removed from our ranks.  We don’t have a problem with it.  What we have a problem with is when you identify those that should be removed, yet are willing to do your bidding to protect their jobs and even be rewarded with promotions and special assignments.

We’d like you to personally apologize for all your blunders, failings and lies and answer for all the acts committed by the people that should have been taken care of in a “house cleaning” but you chose to promote:

A retired A/S: Got caught lying on the witness stand during a NARCO case while he was a Deputy. Routinely lied to anyone & everyone as long as it suited his interest. Was considered one of the most untrustworthy people at the department. Except by you of course, you identified & encouraged this behavior and used it for your own selfish gains. You of course promoted him as a reward for his years of corrupt

Retired A/S #2: Routinely made both sexist & racist jokes. Sexually harassed one of your recently promoted female Sergeants. He made numerous reference to her large breasts and even went so far as to tell her that no one would ever take her seriously looking the way she did and that’s why she shouldn’t be promoted. You of course promoted him as a reward for his years of immoral/unethical behavior.

Retired Captain #1: Scam after scam….lies after lies. You appreciated this type of behavior so much you put him in charge of the West Valley Division. He continued to hold up your low level of standards by causing morale there to plummet to an all time low. He of course was another sexist. He sexually harassed his subordinate time and time again before she tried reporting it. Due to your ineptness and safeguards you’d put in place to protect your worthless “leaders” the Deputy was met with layers of resistance during every step of the process. You allowed him to retire out with full benefits. It should be noted that this wonderful example of law enforcement integrity stole the TV and other items from the sub station upon his departure. A Lieutenant had to go to this guys house to retrieve the stolen property with no report written. Again, he was one of your “Best & Brightest”.

Captain #2: Fired by Salinas PD for refusing to terminate a pursuit resulting in a crash. Hey I know, lets hire him!! As a WOC Sergeant he was stopped by a FTO and trainee for violating the law. His response….he rips into them for stopping him and yelling, “Don’t you know who I am?” Then add to this his performance handling the De Anza rape case. How’d he get out of that one because I read how you “Hold People Accountable”? Oh yeah, he hired Attorney Mike Raines and threatened to sue you and the Department. Your response……promote that fine young man!! Lets not overlook all the use of force complaints, disgusting comments and his lurid acts with any female who he takes a liking to. I’m sure your aware of the video of him standing on an inmates back in Lower Booking despite the presence of multiple other officers handling the situation. He actually caused the inmates heart to stop. Lucky for all involved, they were able to get the guys heart started. Wheeew….dodged another one. Your response…..promote that fine young man again!!

Captain #3: The man loves his porn, fetishes and prostitutes. He’s had so many inappropriate relationships with recruits, others at the department & even some of his trainees when he was an FTO that it’s amazing you didn’t promote him sooner. The real kicker for you must have been once he was cited by SFPD for solicitation of prostitution. That’s when you knew……that was a good promotion!!

Captain #4: Likable enough guy if you can look past his drinking, gambling and underground tournament addictions. It’s no problem though when you get stopped for a DUI crash when your one of your “chosen”. Just break out your trusty county issued phone and contact Mr. personality himself….Undersheriff Hirokawa. He’s a handy guy to know when your facing possible felony charges. He can just come pick you up and you get another “do-over”.

Captain #5: Every position he’s held on his rise to the top(?) has been
plagued with people asking, “How in the F*#K did he get promoted?” I guess the fact where he and his wife (more on her in a minute) used to keep their uniforms on after work so they could drive to El Pollo Loco just to get free food wasn’t a problem for you. The fact that this man has no respect from any of his peers and struts around calling himself “Cap’n Dan” like he’s some likable character is laughable. This “Best & Brightest” promotion can’t even figure out the simple task of composing an email…..oh wait….that’s right, he meant to send that to everyone just to show them who’s in charge. Your response Sheriff? High five that guy and set him up for a fast pass on the promotion train.

Captain #6: Her problems go all the way back to when she was a fresh-faced recruit in the academy where she refused to salute the American flag. Her ineptness continued to show itself when she lost a full size dump truck on the West side during a “pursuit”? Then showed itself yet again when she let a murder suspect simply get up and walk away from her because she had no idea what to do with the guy once he knelt on the ground. Thankfully competent people apprehended the guy later. Your response to this outstanding display of competency…PromoooooTION!!!! Her ineptness doesn’t stop there though. She routinely told those in charge of hiring new deputies that, “We need to hire more Hispanics. Let’s turn this department brown.” She re-enforces her racist views by providing “training” during a HQ training day where a group came in and lecture all in attendance on how we in law enforcement “mistreat” illegal immigrants and how we are the cause of the problem. Of course we can’t forget her most recent failure involving the Metcalf power plant attack. Way to take credit for others hard work and knowledge. She of course used it for her personal gain, pathetic!! Your response Sheriff, “Why here you go young woman. I see you’ve got what it takes to lead people.”…..Promoted, BAM!

Jail Lieutenant #1: This fine example of yet another one of your “Best & Brightest” thought it completely normal when she recovered a dead fetus from a bathroom out at the woman’s facility at Elmwood. However, this being one of your people she then took that fetus and placed it in a garbage bag and walked it around the unit showing it to everyone she could, inmate and staff alike. She’s also kicked another female officer in the butt telling her, “You got a big ass.” She was never even disciplined. Of course people might ask where the connection to you is? It’s noteworthy when you find out that her husband is close personal friends with Undersheriff Hirokawa. Yet another example of the top taking care of the top.

Lieutenant #1: He’s a relatively new convert to “Camp Laurie” but you musta seen his potential. From his time spent hanging out in front of the Pink Poodle on-duty smoking cigars with the owner, that he was actually under investigation by SJPD, to his earth shattering morale crusher style supervision in South counting resulting in a near total attempt of desertion by those in patrol . Of course only He’d be able to drive his county vehicle out of county, crash it while texting, and then get a fresh car driven to him by another one of your “chosen few”.

Captain #7: There’s been so much written on this guy I’d just be re-writing the obvious. He was fired from SJPD, false arrest after false arrest, refuses to lead the Pledge of Allegiance at a DSA meeting (Dalia and him must subscribe to the same newsletter), bought his Sergeant promotion with free food, drinks & entertainment at his restaurants and he’s rumored to have committed felonious activity during the last election. Steeeep right UP!!! Getch yer promotions HARE!!!

Assistant Sheriff #3: The choir boy exterior belies the true beast hidden inside. The list for this guy is just too long to cover here. For anyone in doubt of this guys “I’ll do whatever it takes” attitude in order to advance his career just think, He’s went from Deputy to Assistant Sheriff in a little over 10 years!! Is it cause he’s sooooo qualified, or is it he’ll do whatever Sheriff Laurie wants? He relishes the fact that he is the most hated man in the department.

Undersheriff #1: His is just a failure to act. A failure to do what’s right and live his life like he demands those below him to do. He tries to fire Deputies for getting detained for a drunk in public but drives to Safeway to pick up his wife for writing false prescriptions and then interfering with the felony investigation. He may have been a decent guy at one point, but you can’t sit on the right side of the Devil and not get corrupted. He just needs to retire.

Sheriff Laurie Smith: Your list is long and legendary. From you using the status of the office to threaten and force others to do what you want, BBQ’s for inmates and your use of the departments helicopter for personal use. From passing out rides to suspected felons under investigation and SAB members at the range and victims of the De Anza rape case in an attempt to distract them from realizing you failed them, or have a lieutenant pressure a CHP officer to fly a borrowed private plane to carry 10 gallons of paint for your boat from the Reed Hill-View airport alllll the way up to your house in Tahoe. The reward? Dinner for the pilot and lieutenant in Tahoe and flying back alone so you could drive home with BT. Your abuse of your position to influence your daughters court case. Didn’t you demote a Sergeant for allegedly doing something much less than what you did? It was even quoted by Judge Lasarow in the courtroom, “I’m tired of everyone running the court except the judge.” A quote so notable, it made it into the local paper, no less. I’ll not try to list all of your “accomplishments” here, you can read through all of the CT blogs to learn about those.

Sheriff, I’m reminded of the famous saying, “Lead, follow or get the hell outta the way!” You’ve shown an embarrassing inability to do the first two……..why don’t you try to live and lead by the ideals you claim to hold everyone else to except yourself and those closest around you that have committed to take care of you first, them second, the office and the public last.


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  1. Well stated by all.
    The Deputy hired, before the freeze, should be in late 1987 (Sept. 21?) and thus there are few left with institutional knowledge.


  2. Casey you are the first person I have ever seen who recognizes that some of the problems in the department are the result of not hiring for ten years. It was around 1997 when hiring began again in the Sheriff’s Department. As an “old timer” I can say that the people in recruiting did a very good job as we hired many excellent people. Some effort was made to entice lateral transfers but not many were hired. The long term effect is that even people hired in the first wave only have 16-17 years of experience. The last of those hired before 1989 (or whenever the DOC began) are reaching the end of their careers. There is no one in between that should be filling the role of senior sergeants and QUALIFIED lieutenants and captains. If the Army did not add new personnel for ten years they would hit a time with no Master Sergeants or Sergeant Majors and no Major and Colonels. It would not work.

    A thoughtful and forward-thinking leader would have seen this coming and taken measures to mitigate this problem. As we all know that did not happen as she was too busy feeding her narcissism and spending each term focusing on her next re-election. She should have recruited more lateral transfers and opened promotions for lieutenant, captain and assistant sheriff to outsiders. Bringing in outsiders is not always popular but in hindsight, can anybody disagree that it would have been better than what you got? What the department got was Dr. Frankenstein producing her senior staff in the laboratory just the way she wanted them-dim-witted and beholden to her.


  3. BrewHaHa/NewGuy — I deleted your posts because they came from the same IP. I don’t have a problem answering questions, or having people use anon names. Your first two posts were fine, I have no problem answering questions from either side of the argument. I’m not afraid. But do not come out here and pretend to be a person interested in the conversation, engage me and then attempt to attack me with BS from behind another name when the responses I provide you are solid or tell you to seek independent valid sources because you clearly question me.

    A little integrity goes a long way with me. A lack of integrity gets you kicked off the train.


  4. I think at least one contributing factor has to do with the SO being a relatively young department now because of a huge gap where they did no hiring for years. They started hiring again probably… if I remember correctly, 2000-2001. The people “coming of age” are a lot of the ones speaking out right now. Not the only ones, but I think they have created enough of a body of people that are not happy with this behavior that they’re willing to take the risks of standing up.

    I know many people in the department who have tried to do the right thing by reporting things when they see them. Reports get “lost” on the desks of captains, or are shut down by other means during the process. Sometimes reports are just flat out ignored… but you know it wasn’t completely ignored when a person involved suddenly quietly retires out. No investigation, no interference with the retirement – retired, no investigation.

    There have been calls to the DA’s office to investigate some issues — no result. You saw what happened when we were able to show that the Sheriff was in violation of tax laws — literally laughed at in the public, repeatedly. That issue has come up numerous times since 1998 when she won her first term.

    This is the last ditch effort of deputies to resolve this problem — by going to the people and asking for new leadership.

    Their only option if she wins will be to find another agency or retire out as soon as they can. Most don’t want to do that. SCCSO has a lot to offer under the right leadership, community, diversity of assignment, career development… all in a small enough agency for it all to be accessible. But not if the only way to get those options is to commit, at best, questionably ethical acts to satisfy a questionably ethical leader (and yes, I am being kind in using those words).


    • That and I think it took her a couple terms to get the corruption to the point where people were noticing and reacting. She only got the endorsements last time around by making a bunch of promises to make some real changes in the office. Promises she really never kept, or if she did made it a gauntlet rather than an improvement. Fool me once… and all that. The deputies aren’t falling for it again.


      • For an accurate list of what she promised vs. what she did, I would go to both the CPOA and the DSA boards and ask them. They’re much better versed in the specifics of what was discussed and promised and what happened afterwards, and easier to discuss via other means than this message box. You can also pull up some of the old videos of her speaking to them during that election season — at least the CPOA, I’m not sure if the DSA ever posted a video of her appearance before them — and see some of what she was committing to do to bring about change.

        There are always going to be people she did nothing to. But those who tend to step up and do the right thing, tend to become targets. I won’t name some of those people here given they put up with enough, but they’re easy enough to find out who they are and go ask them personally.


  5. There are also a few deputy’s who had sex while on duty and someone got a promotion out of it! Must be nice to literally “Screw around” on-duty while in the “Safest City” My tax dollars pay for all these issues unfortunately and I want a refund.

    What a deal so the more you screw up the higher your rank goes up. What is especially dissullisional about this is. How can current employees have or show any respect to those in command currently with all the distrust from the top down.

    VOTE for Kevin Jensen 2014 and stop the lies!!!

    (editor: moved to newest blog post per author)


  6. None of this is a surprise to me. Having been here close to 2 decades I remember the people who were in place before Smith “climbed” to the top position. Of course there were some questionable promotions but thats true with every organization both in public services and the private sector. The difference was that most of the old guard at least rose throughout the ranks and not simply bought, cheated, lied or got to their position through other more sinister methods. I’ve witnessed several of the acts listed above by these leaders and could provide a dirty laundry list that would make your heads spin, but it all just reinforces the need for change.

    I’ve already voted for Captain Jensen and have made sure all my friends and family have done the same. We all need to spread the word to our immediate circle of friends and family in order to send this joke of a Sheriff packing. If everyone did this and really used their social media contacts to get people to vote for Captain Jensen then come January, theres gonna be a new Sheriff in town and these embarrassments we have at the top can start looking for a new job!


  7. It’s amazing that our department continues to function in spite of these poor sacs of crud. This is how Laurie Smith maintains her hold on this department. Some of these I’ve known about while others are a total surprise. Why haven’t these people been indicted? Someone should make the media aware of these supposed leaders and hold them accountable!


  8. Let’s not forget “Retired A/S #3,” another fast riser who “led” through intimidation and fear, and even used “punishment dolls” as yet another method of “institutionalized oppression.” And though he may have been blessed with unusually good health (never having a sick day), he also didn’t hesitate to intervene when his daughter was involved in a traffic enforcement stop.


  9. When you read this type of information about the department, you wonder with all the dis-function how this place runs. It runs because of the hard working men and women that face the public everyday. We all know about the Captains, old and current. The Sung’s, Rodriguez’s and others have no business in roles of supervision within the Sheriff’s Office. The 4th floor is rought with misery, mistrust and filled with corruption.

    Everyone who wears Tan and Green has a duty to our department, to keep it free of lies and poor supervision. Time for a new Sheriff, one who can lead with honor, professionalism and competence.

    As for Capt 1-7 piss poor decision making, Asst Sheriff Neusallini has very little practical law enforcement experience, from “good-two-shoes”, to the most untrusted member of the department. Who respects any of them?……none of us.

    Vote for someone you would be proud of leading the Department, Kevin Jensen is the one.


  10. Captain #2: That was the deal he worked out with his lawyers after being fired and then threating a lawsuit, sound familiar. The problem for us is Salinas opted for the easy exit thinking nobody would hire this guy every again but they forgot about the SCCSO. The IA and firing covered much more than just not stopping a pursuit, it had to do with cheating in the academy on multiple occasions witnessed by dozens who from what I can gather were all interviewed by Salinas IA. Even the Academy tried to pull his Basic academy certificate and was told by POST there was no way they could do that after graduation, I know because I had multiple conversations with my TO before and after my IA interview with Salinas PD. The IA went on for months with dozens of people interviewed from police agencies throughout the Bay Area and academy staff, it was much worse than anybody knew. If somebody could get their hands on that file it would be eye opening.


    • Whoa WTF Captain #2 has the personality of Atilla the Hun. I agree with you, he’s hard if not impossible to get along with. But, all the Salinas PD stuff is pure bullshit! The academy stuff is also bullshit started by Salinas PD IA who couldn’t build a case on him. As for De Anza rape case he did nothing wrong. He tried to get resources to the scene and was shot down by the admin. He wasn’t even on duty during the incident. He came in for the am shift and was told by the on duty Sgt. The situation was under control. A Sgt doesn’t outrank a Sgt. At least he tried and eventually got someone to listen, too bad it was way too late. So the admin tries to hang him out to dry and he fought it and won. What he lacks in personality he makes up for with knowlege and a very strong work ethic. I don’t think he’s a Laurie lover and even if Jensen wins he will still be a captain. I’m in the private sector now and there are asshole bosses everywhere. Smearing someone with baseless allegations makes you look stupid.


      • By the way WTF aren’t you the spoiled brat who got fired from the Sheriffs office? That’s right you came in bragging about daddy’s money, driving the BMW and getting daddy to pay Laurie to keep you out of courts. Then you lied about being shot at and got fired. Look who is throwing stones. A wimp who relies on mommy and daddy the surgeon to play policeman. Then you realize it isn’t a game and make up a story about getting shot at. Now you want to throw stones at baseless allegations that are 20 yrs old while you hide behind a WTF moniker. Jeffery Be a man and put your name on your insults.


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