Power to the People

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What makes a democratic society so powerful is the fact the people have a voice in who their elected officials are and we have the ability to express our opinions and views without fear of reprisal. As sworn law enforcement members we took an oath to protect the constitutional rights of those we are sworn to protect, including the right to freedom of speech guaranteed by the First Amendment.

That being said, a lot of us find our self in an awkward position in this election. Regardless of what your personal views and opinions are on who you believe is the best candidate to lead the Sheriff’s Office, please respect the views of others and do not allow yourself to be silenced.

As a member of the Deputy Sheriff’s Association, not a UNION, I am personally offended by the inferences and accusations regarding our association members. We must all remember we are law enforcement officers and are and should be held to a high standard of conduct. To be called a Keystone Kop, a member of a coup, and be accused of lying are unacceptable to me.

I especially do not appreciate the fact we have been accused of allowing our association to be hi-jacked and our election views influenced by a group who has been demoted and disciplined.

We voted as an association to endorse Kevin Jensen for Sheriff and our membership is more dedicated than ever to supporting that decision.

Regardless of who wins this election, we need to make sure the image of the Sheriff’s Office is not damaged in the process.

On a final note, I graduated first in my academy class, have been named Deputy of the Year, am a member of the SERT team, am currently assigned as a detective, and was a Field Training Officer.

I have not been subjected to discipline or demotion.

My name is Justin Harper, and I already voted for Kevin Jensen.


6 thoughts on “Power to the People

  1. Yahooooo!!! Well said Justin!
    Just curious why Sheriff Laurie Smith Cleans House 31 second ad was taken off her FB page. The one that talks about the DSA being Hijacked?? Maybe because it was considered inappropriate, tacky, and distasteful. Personally, I was offended by the ad.

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  2. I have worked with Justin as well and completely agree with him. I don’t think he could have said it any better. The vast majority of our agency is in support of Kevin Jensen and the majority of us have not been in trouble or demoted.

    The fact the incumbent is name calling and making it sound like our opinion shouldn’t count should be a huge sign to the voters why we need new leadership. Vote Kevin Jensen for Sheriff!


  3. I have been lucky enough to work alongside you and also take offense. Just because you oppose something or in this case support change, does not mean you are “misinformed” or a “liar” or a “keystone kop.” Justin you could not have said it better.


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