This election opened up with a singular, somewhat shocking statement:  The DSA and CPOA have voted overwhelmingly to endorse Kevin Jensen.  They feel the current sheriff is a bully.

Before they were even asked to justify their position, Rich Robinson, a man who amazingly can fit both feet in his mouth while still having his head up his… ahem… anyway… came out and stated they were “Keystone Cops.”   The Sheriff never stood up and said any differently when her mouthpiece did that.

Point proven without lifting a finger.

Before I go further I want to make a couple of points.  The DSA held a vote on which candidate they would support.  They had a record-breaking number of votes and over 90% of those votes went to Kevin Jensen.  The Sheriff got 12.

The DSA also around that time held an election for new board members.  Again, record numbers of votes supporting the people who were put in place.

It’s called democracy… even on a scale this small.  Since Rich Robinson is always ranting and raving about liberty, democracy, railing against voter oppression in public venues, you would think he would respect this.  But he and the Sheriff have come out with another paranoid belief to go along with their “coup” against her — the DSA has been hijacked by “Keystone Cops.”  No?  Don’t believe me?

Rich Robinson exhibiting his respect for the right to vote when it doesn't go his way.

Rich Robinson exhibiting his respect and blatant hypocrisy for the right to vote when it doesn’t go his way.

Rich, if they’re lying prove it.  We’ve provided all kinds of documents and people personally involved to support our argument.  Simply calling us liars means nothing; empty rhetoric from a desperate campaign.  Smith believes the DSA was hijacked because she treated a now-board member unfairly and the body of the DSA voted that person into office.  Most of us don’t know the details, we do know it was dirty, with leaking from the IA personnel, multiple investigations and attacks on the deputy’s family by the sheriff and her administration. We know this because we heard and saw the sheriff’s favored lieutenants, captains and higher leak information that was most likely lies or exaggerated truths at best.  A process where they tried to convict the deputy in the eyes of his peers to humiliate him and take away his broad support in the office.  It backfired.  People understood what Smith was doing.  They understood it was unfair and they understood if they did it to someone who was respected, she could turn on them just as easily.  They lost respect for Smith… not for her target.  He gained more respect and won over several other candidates in the election.  That’s called Democracy, Rich.

It’s more paranoia from the Sheriff that the DSA was hijacked.  She does not have a DSA board member among the current board willing to stand there with a bag of manure for her for political promises that she’ll likely break anyway.  She can not get a single board member to stray from the DSA body’s goals and to her, that means it’s been hijacked.  What has happened is the DSA has taken their union back from what has probably been a recent past of illegal collusion on the part of some members.

Over 200 people voted to support Jensen.  12 voted for Smith.  Less than her opponent in 1998, who got only 16.  It’s time for Laurie and her delusions to step aside.  We are not afraid of her, and we are certainly not afraid of her joke of a campaign manager who can’t keep his story straight from day to day.

Smith’s latest campaign video states she is supported by “…other respected unions…” which leaves us easily to infer that she does not respect the DSA and CPOA.  These groups are made up of the men and women that work for her and if she can not respect them and work in a professional manner, even if she does not, she should not be sheriff any longer.

The deputies have stated since the first day, there is no respect between parties among other major issues, and it’s time for change.  The community has a choice — elect a new sheriff or try to hire new deputies as the current ones seek employment where they can work in an environment of mutual respect.