It’s Bad Enough the Media is Silent

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But now the incumbent’s friends in the media are trying to silence us as well.  I’ve never seen such desperation — from telling employees they can’t have political bumper stickers to this latest — they just want us to shut up.  We must be winning!

Yesterday, I was able to post to the Mercury News via disqus.  I posted a post on readers letters and a couple of “likes” on posts.  Today, as I tried to post, I got this:

Blocked for having an opinion against the incumbent Sheriff of Santa Clara County

Blocked for having an opinion against the incumbent Sheriff of Santa Clara County

The Mercury News seems to be terrified of actual news when it comes to the Sheriff.  Not the first time I’ve heard or seen this around town.  Our team has had several other reporters around the bay area run scared when they’ve been approached them with some of the things I have.  Now they don’t want us to even state our own opinions.

It’s a tragedy how our 4th Branch here in Silicon Valley wants to keep us like mushrooms — in the dark and fed…well, we know what mushrooms thrive in.  The entire premise of freedom of the press is based on the right for us to know what our government does and their ability to report it without interference.  If they’re too cowardly to report the truth of our political state then they don’t deserve to be in business.

It’s strange that this comes just a handful of days after another organization had a public meltdown, accusing me of bullying because I asked them a few questions about how they could endorse someone based on gender alone and ignore the poor job they’ve done.  So, I’ve been well information now by about 8 different people, they are tied to another local media wannabe who is apparently afraid to cover the shenanigans of the sheriff as well for whatever reason.

So, what was that heinous post that I posted at the Mercury News that apparently got me blocked? What horrible information did I possibly impart that they don’t want you to know that led them to slap that red “SILENCE” button next to my name? Here you go, I cut & pasted it from my disqus account — they can’t block it from there.

Post made in response to Cupertino Old Timer and his research regarding the sheriff that apparently got me blocked from the Mercury News:

Are you the same Cupertino Old Timer that I caught lying about DSA members walking his district last week?

Well, yes, Laurie can get things done. Politically speaking. Though, regardless of the endorsements can you tell us what she has done to improve public safety in the county or her office directly?

As for only having “unions” backing her? Really? Union bashing? Out of Rich Robinson’s camp? That’s shamefully hypocritical, don’t you think? Especially since she’s had SBLC a political representative of 90 non-law enforcement unions back her based on nothing more than endorsement exchanges and helping Cindy Chavez get Ben Field into that position after being disbarred for violating the law in four different court cases. Go ahead, do some “research.”

Before we get into this, I would like to point out that Kevin Jensen was a Captain and Captains are not represented or a part of the union. So when he retired, he was an administrator with an extensive background in actually running numerous divisions. Unlike the sheriff who continues to brush over the fact she never was a Lieutenant or a Captain and has not the first idea, even after this many years, what her Captains and Lieutenants do… constantly interfering with them doing their jobs and “getting the LeHigh guy” and the kids who sexually assaulted Audrie Pott usually on the sheer will of people willing to disobey the orders that
roll downhill. You will see an example of just how different reality and the administrative version of an incident can differ later this week in my blog.

Laurie has every law enforcement agency in the county, and many outside the county as well, saying they can’t work with her – including the non-union leadership. PORAC says she is a poor law enforcement administrator. Harriet Salarno of Crime Victims United, Marc Klaas of KlaasKids Foundation and Kathleen Flynn & Christian Heminway, Advocates for Victims of Violent Crime and Families of Homicide Victims have all said that 4 more years of a Smith administration is the worst thing that could happen to victims of crime in the county.

If deputies want “Less accountability why are they backing a candidate that is promising citizens something they never had before? And I quote from Kevin’s FB page, “a program built upon integrity, honesty and transparency. This means
that proper conduct as a Deputy is of importance to me as well as the community. As a former Internal Affairs investigator I understand the need for review of officer conduct. I will expect my administration to handle matters with fairness. This means if an officer needs corrective discipline all the way to being charged with a criminal act and losing their job, this is how I will run the department. I will be developing a community feedback forum made up of judges, community leaders and law enforcement to ensure feedback to our department is regular and a routine environment. We are here to serve the community, we are part of the community.” Please learn more by visiting my web page Thank you, Kevin”

The deputies are asking for MORE ACCOUNTABILITY, not less. This is what they are fighting for. They are tired of crooked politics invading their ranks and interfering with them doing their jobs. Most the deputies in the office are ethical and take pride in their job. The one’s that don’t? It’s likely you can find them on Laurie’s endorsement and contribution lists. It’s a short list.

If deputies are “just after more money” explain to why these deputies for at least half the of the last 10-12 years have, despite having negotiated raises on the books, relinquished those raises to ensure the county didn’t have to lay off or or further cuts services… services often cut by Sheriff Laurie anyway? Yes, I have
the paperwork on that as well. We can cover that story as well if you would like? We’re not talking greedy deputies, we’re talking deputies who have willingly given up for years to continue to support their community. But nice try. For someone who did their “research” you still seem to be working on way to many assumptions.

I guess you can try to call my website yellow-journalism, but then you would have to ignore slew of inside paperwork and collaborating reports through other media sources to do that. Whatever you have to do to get you through the day. You may have gotten through the high-tech world, but I’m guessing that you didn’t do well there. Why? Because the people I know who succeed in the high-tech world are much more pragmatic and take their critical thinking to a much higher level than you do and I’ve never seen a successful person do such shoddy research. Successful people tend not to ignore facts and information because doing so can turn years of work on it’s side in seconds. I’ve seen it happen.

You go ahead and vote for Laurie. She has to get some votes. That way we
won’t have to feel bad when she’s packing her office. Assuming she can
find it after failing to show up at work for the past 6 months.


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