Almost $2 MILLION in Unclaimed “Gifts”

There’s a lot of information here and some of it is through links that you may or may not want to follow through. I can’t possibly screen shot everything and bring it here… well I could, but I really do have other things I need to get done in life. So I’m going to rely on you to do any deeper searching you want to do. Link surfing can be eye-opening.

Some time ago I ordered the incumbents 700 forms from the county (posted below). They were very easy to get. I expected some level of information to be provided, but there was virtually none to be had, shockingly enough.

I’ve had these on the back burner now for months; timing is everything, they say.

I thought when I got the forms they appeared especially empty. So we looked up the reporting requirements just to see what might need to be on there:

County form 700 requirements frequently asked questions

County form 700 requirements from FPPC

The above link has some very interesting information about what is supposed to be reported on the forms; a few points in specific are as follows:

1) 50% of spouses income

2) Real property

3) Rental Property income

4) Loans from businesses that do business within the jurisdiction of employment

From the county website: loans that are defaulted are considered gifts. Apparently the Sheriff took a $1.99M gift from the public and failed to report a single penny of it with a little legal finangling, but we’re getting there…

Doing a little search on real property, we stumbled across this shocking information:

48861 Pomegranate Street, Indio CA
Records show this property purchased by Laurie R and Brannan T Smith in 2006, county records appear to show this property still was in debt for $614,731 when it was foreclosed on in 2008.

83451 Ocean Breeze Way, Indio, CA
Records show this property purchased by Laurie R and Brannan T Smith in 2005 as new construction. They defaulted in 2008 and the courts appear to show an outstanding debt of $337,331 at the time of foreclosure.

47144 Palm View Street, Indio, CA
Records show this property purchased by Laurie R and Brannan T and Shannan K Smith in 2005 as new construction. They defaulted with an apparent debt of $319,251 in 2008.

51494 Via Sorrento, La Quinta, CA
Records show this property was purchased by Laurie R and Brannan T Smith in 2006 as new construction. They defaulted in 2011 with an apparent debt of $720,180.

Three of the above properties appear to have had inter-spousal transfers done on 12/19/07, shortly before foreclosure in 2008. An apparent move to keep her name out of the process? Well, it failed.

None of the defaults are on her Form 700s.  None of the properties, presuming they’re the income properties, appear to be reported on her form 700s.  Unfortunately I can only get her reporting back to year 2007, the tail end of this event, so perhaps, maybe she reported the income properties prior to default?  Doubt it, but please feel obligated to prove me wrong.

Another interesting legal move was the incumbent and her husband filed for separation in 2010, shortly before the foreclosure began on the 2011 property. This makes this property unreportable by the sheriff due to the separation assuming they put the house in BT’s name like they did others. Though the assayer’s office in Eldorado county show they are still joint owners on their residential property in that county — so is the separation and divorce real, or just another scam to hide financial shenanigans? Interestingly enough, I pulled the graphic of the first civil case search to get the case file number and pull the report myself. Another shocker, this information has for some reason been pulled, but it looks like they forgot one single lonely file to prove that yes, it really was there at one time.  I’m told that there is some one who has the final dissolution papers in their hot little hands, a divorce just finalized in recent months, but I have yet to see them.

Early February El Dorado Co dissolution search

Early February 2014 El Dorado Co dissolution search

Dissolution search done in El Dorado County, May 4, 2014

Dissolution search done in El Dorado County, May 4, 2014

Another thing I’m still digging around in is the real estate in El Dorado county.  Jim Campagna (leader of a “public safety” PAC that has file papers with apparently intentional misinformation AND the Sheriff’s Advisory Board president) owner of Plaza Loans, seems to be involved in real estate, potentially providing loans under Timcor Financial, while she was under reporting requirements and who knows what other shenanigans are going on there.  It’s too far back to be sure if the loan was ever reported, but the ties were simply too juicy to pass up and I haven’t quite sorted out the path of least resistance here to figure out what they were doing.  With all the other underhanded manipulations that seem to be happening here, it just leaves the question — what else is she not reporting or being honest about in her financial dealings?

Timing is everything, and the internet remembers everything.

700 forms as provided by Santa Clara county for Laurie Smith, incumbent Sheriff, going back to 2008 (2007 reporting period):

Laurie Smith Form 700’s 2010-2013
Laurie Smith Form 700’s 2008-2009

Happy reading folks.  It always leaves such a warm and fuzzy feeling when you see your elected officials hiding the things they’re not supposed to be hiding.  Especially those leading the charge in law enforcement.  Ironic, no?


3 thoughts on “Almost $2 MILLION in Unclaimed “Gifts”

  1. Casey, you must have a large shovel because you keep digging up information that borders on corruption by Mr. and Mrs. Smith. We all are ready for changes and they include a new Sheriff named Kevin Jensen. Keep digging CT, information and education are the key to defeating the incumbent.


  2. Damn you, Casey Thomas! I was going to get on with my day when I stopped to read this further proof of corruption. Now I have to comment.

    These purchases were made in the heady days of Real estate before the Great Recession and the Smiths may have just been taking advantage of a boom market. If we give them the benefit of the doubt and these are simply the result of bad timing, it raises two important questions. How did they absorb such huge financial losses and still avoid bankruptcy? I am no expert but I believe losses due to foreclosure can be considered taxable income. Secondly, and more importantly, if someone was applying as a entry-level deputy sheriff, wouldn’t this financial history cause them to be disqualified? Is someone is not qualified to be a deputy, somehow qualified to be the head of the department?

    How are public records in El Dorado County scrubbed? If I recall from the complaint filed by Martin Monica, the Sheriff received special treatment when her daughter faced felony charges in that county. It appears that she is still receiving special treatment. Unless there is some legal maneuver that allows public records to “disappear” this looks to be the result of a criminal conspiracy that needs to be investigated by the AG or the US DOJ. Based on the history, the El Dorado DA can not be trusted.

    If I remember among the details of the Ravi Kumra homicide in Monte Sereno, he had a scam divorce with his wife (who was still living at the home at the time if the murder) in order to transfer property to avoid taxes. Just sayin’.


    • I think “losses due to foreclosure” were changed by the Feds because I bought that up with someone who went through it and they said it was not. But I don’t remember when.


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