Lest we forget the real reasons we’re here….

let’s revisit where we’ve been before we allow hyperbole to pull us off track over a couple of questions.  I don’t care what gender the sheriff is, what I care about is public safety.  What I care about is that the Sierra LaMars, the Martha Casillas, the Adelita Rojas’, and the Audrie Potts of our county get justice.  They were all women too, now voiceless victims who have been failed by an incompetent and unconcerned sheriff.  Which women are you going to stand with?  I won’t, in good conscience, support a woman, or a man, who not only fails to do their job, but exhibits such negligence that years after major incidents has never held an after action meeting to identify errors, improve policy and ensure if a similar even occurs again, that the response improves.  She has show us nothing short of indifference and negligence in numerous incidents.

Here are the top 15 or so blog posts over the last quarter.  If you support the incumbent, that is fine, but do not fall apart when some one asks you how you can support her remaining in a position where she has failed us so badly.

Let’s not allow people using ploys of victimization to try to change the topic when we ask them “tough” questions.  The results of this race are just too important to anyone who is going to rely on public safety services of this county in the future.

Next week I have several stories that are on the board for completion — you won’t be disappointed, unfortunately it’s not likely that you’ll be surprised by the behavior of our incumbent either.  Have a great weekend and we’ll see you Monday with that first story.


4 thoughts on “Lest we forget the real reasons we’re here….

  1. I think everyone is tired of the same old thing. It’s time for change, change is good. Kevin Jensen will bring a fresh set of ideas and values to the plate.

    Sheriff Smith, thank you for your years of service to the people of Santa Clara County, it’s time for you to move on, you know it and now, so do the voters.


  2. Six months ago, whenever I approached a civilian (off duty of course), no one hardly knew who Kevin Jensen was outside of our work circles. Now, when I talk about the Sheriff’s race, people say, “Yeah, thats the guy the cops are backing, right?”

    Get involved, help walk and talk. Spreading the word is working! But we need more help to get this done and over the top! Restoring honor, integrity and just plain fairness is literarily days away. June 3rd will be here before you know it.

    Spend a few hours walking and talking. It will change the course of our futures. Kevin Jensen for Sheriff.


  3. Historically weak leaders, such as Smith, would surround themselves with knowledgeable, experienced support staff. Recently, this Sheriff has made the opposite choices. She has had few options because anyone fitting the “experienced, knowledgeable” catagory would have strong opinions, contrary to Smiths. Since Smith way is the only way, their is no room for disention or you will be relegated to the “noninclusion” group.
    I seem to remember a Captain that was actually removed from the command staff email list. That is a sad move from a sad excuse for a Sheriff!!


  4. There are other victim cards to be dealt by Sheriff Smith and her supporters as time progresses and pressure mounts.


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