You Can Make a Difference… We Have a Date Tomorrow

Our efforts are making a difference!  As we saw from the poll information released yesterday, before our foot campaign even launched into it’s fullest efforts, the incumbent only has very weak name recognition to run on and even after 16 years, that only gets her to 39% support.  When people found out about the failures of administration we’ve been talking about, it went down to 20% with only 12% standing firm in their support.  12% isn’t going to win any elections and this poll proves the only direction her support can go is down as long as we can reach out to the voters and let them know what is wrong with the current Sheriff’s office leadership.

Our walks have garnered great positive support with nearly every contact!  We’ve even had contact with SAB members on these walks who have begun to rethink their support of the incumbent!

Kevin Jensen, with barely any name recognition at the point of this poll had 12% just walking in the door.  When people were informed of the failures of the sheriff, support for Kevin Jensen shot up to 53%.

Our goal is to aim for that 53% result or higher, but the only way to do it is to get the word out.  Your efforts are needed, your feet and your voice count… the only way to get this information to people is to talk to them

Get involved! Tomorrow, Saturday 5/3, the DSA/CPOA PAC will be walking
Los Altos area and meeting at 9:30AM
Location: Starbucks Coffee, 654 Los Altos Rancho, Los Altos, CA
(At intersection of Foothill Expressway and Magdalena

Precinct maps, materials and instructions will be handed out at morning meeting! Stand up and be counted!

Remember, dress professionally.  If you are with the DSA or the CPOA you can use your title, but you can not say you are representing the Sheriff’s office itself, only the DSA and/or CPOA.

Keep it classy!  We have increasing reports of aggressive and insulting epithets being flung (100% from moving vehicles) in support of the incumbent.  Smile and wave, we are Kevin’s team.

And remember the challenge — talk to at least one new person every day.


2 thoughts on “You Can Make a Difference… We Have a Date Tomorrow

  1. After reading a lot of discourse on Facebook about hateful tweets etc., I need to say that I think it is very important to support Kevin without bad mouthing Sheriff Smith. We need to respect people’s right to endorse and vote for whom they want to, and educate the public on where Kevin stands on the issues. Please take a deep breath, put on a smile, and walk a way professionally if some starts bashing Kevin. We need supporters to show the same grace and integrity Kevin has shown in his campaign.

    Thank you all for everything you are doing for Kevin. I have my paws crossed that he will win!


    • Kathleen, I don’t entirely disagree with you. I also understand that when you allow misinformation to sit unchallenged — it becomes fact in many people’s minds.

      I don’t feel that it is at all inappropriate to challenge a political entity’s endorsement when the organization has failed to examine the primary issues of the race involved.

      I respect their right to endorse Sheriff Smith, but when their leader comments on a true leader engages in political discourse then attacks questions on their endorsement as “hate tweets”, women, and voters in general, deserve better discourse.

      But I agree, at this point it is time to step back, they’ve made clear that they have no argument to support the incumbent and I believe most people are smart enough to see that at this point.


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